Last chance! The $250 / £250 off Eight Sleep smart mattress cover deal ends at midnight

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The Eight Sleep mattress cover has $250 / £250 off – but not for much longer. That deal ends tonight. The Pod Pro cover is a pretty unique piece of kit, with enough features and capabilities to completely transform your sleep. It doesn't come cheap though, and decent discount are rare. In fact, it's only really once a year that this cover gets a proper price-drop. And that time is right now. 

The Eight Sleep website is currently inviting you to 'Own your sleep, own the winter'. How exactly does it do that? Well, with dual-zone cooling and heating to your exact preferences, with in-built smart tracking that means the cover will learn your preferences, and adjust throughout the night to keep you at the perfect temperature  for the most restful sleep. In TechRadar's Eight Sleep Pod review, our tester found this cover led to noticeably better sleep. 

Read on to find out more about the Eight Sleep Pod Cover and whether it's the right choice for you. 

Eight Sleep Pod cover

Eight Sleep Pod cover

US deal: was $1,895 now from $1,645

UK deal: was £1,845, now from £1,695

Overview: The Eight Sleep Pod Cover uses water from a coffee machine-sized base unit to heat or cool your mattress to your exact preference (and it can make your side of the bed different from your bed-mate's, too). It'll also capture a wide array of sleep data to help you learn your sleep habits and optimize your environment accordingly.

Price history: This cover is an investment, but it's fairly unique on the market, and $250 / £250 off is the biggest discount I've ever seen. It only tends to crop up on Black Friday, and a few days either side, and is due to end at midnight tonight (30 Nov).

Extras: The Eight Sleep Pod Cover comes with a 30-night trial, a 5-year warranty, plus free shipping and returns.

Buy it if...

You get too hot or cold at night: With the Eight Sleep Pod Cover you can set the temperature exactly (with a range that spans 'Arctic' to 'Inferno'), and do so for each side of the bed too. The Pod will also smartly adjust to keep you sleeping soundly all night.

You want to track your sleep: The Eight Sleep Pod Cover packs the kind of advanced sensors you'd expect from a dedicated tracker, except you don't need to wear it on your wrist. It tracks your heart rate, the time it takes you to get to sleep, how long you're sleeping for and even your movement through the night, to help you learn your sleep habits.

Don't buy it if...

 You're on a budget: The Eight Sleep Pod is an incredible piece of kit, but it comes with a high price tag. For hot sleepers on a budget, try the Cocoon by Sealy Chill mattress instead (that's a US mattress, there isn't really a UK equivalent, unfortunately).

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