Should you buy a Panda mattress in the Black Friday sale?

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The Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress is an eco-friendly design with a breathable build, a medium-firm surface, and excellent edge-to-edge support. And right now, it's 30% off in the Black Friday sale.

Let's not beat around the bamboo bush. The short answer is yes, you should buy a Panda mattress in the Black Friday sale. Panda sales are super rare and in our Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress review we rated it highly for nearly all sleep styles. It even tops our best mattress list.

Not convinced? We'll cover the pros and cons of buying a Panda mattress below. Or head to our Black Friday mattress deals hub to find more excellent sleep savings.

How good is the Panda Black Friday deal?

30% off isn't the biggest discount we'll see this Black Friday. Some brands are selling mattresses for less than half price. But in this case, it really isn't about the size of the percentage. Instead of the evergreen 'sales' we so from so many mattress brands, Panda typically retails at full RRP. 30% off is a pretty major discount, and one we don't expect to hang around.

In the 30% off sale, the Panda Hybrid Bamboo double mattress is reduced from £1,290 to £903. It is still a premium buy, but there's a reason why we rate the Panda as our number one mattress. The thoughtful and eco-friendly design offers incredible support all the way across the bed, and the firmer surface appeals to most sleep styles.

Panda Hybrid Bamboo Mattress

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Who should buy a Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress?

Sleepers who want support: From the middle of the mattress right to the corners, the Panda Hybrid offers supportive comfort. This is great for bed-sharers, those who need a little help pushing off the mattress, and anyone who likes to starfish.

Side, back, and stomach sleepers: No mattress is right for every person, but the Panda Hybrid Bamboo is good for almost everyone. Panda rates it 7/10 on the firmness scale, but we found it closer to 7.5. Enough support for most stomach and back sleepers, but just soft enough to cradle side sleepers.

The eco-conscious: The innovative Panda mattress design uses sustainable bamboo to create a fabric that's better for the environment. Panda will also recycle your mattress for you when it reaches the end of its (long) life. If eco-sleep is important to you but you aren't convinced on the Panda, check out the Simba mattress sales.

Who SHOULDN'T buy a Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress?

❌ Memory foam fans: The firmer surface of the Panda leaves you sleeping 'on' the mattress, rather than sinking in. If you like to be embraced by your sleep surface, we recommend the Emma mattress range. Our Emma Original mattress review found it had a contouring comfort that hugged the body. There's 20% off in the Emma Black Friday sale, taking an Emma Original double down to just £379.20.

❌ Those on a tight budget: We're big fans of the Panda Black Friday sale, but even with 30% off, this is still a luxury buy. The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid is 57% off in the Black Friday sale, with a double just £709.07 (and you get a free bedding set). In our DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid mattress review, we found this to be a mattress with a premium feel at a more affordable price.

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