Xbox Series X restock is now available at Currys - get a console bundle today

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Been waiting to get your hands on an Xbox Series X? You want to get over to Currys right now as it currently has an Xbox Series X with 3 Month Game Pass Ultimate bundle in stock for £479.

This is the second Xbox Series X restock the retailer has held this year and it hasn't sold out in a matter of minutes, suggesting the struggle to get a new console is getting a lot easier. Still, we don't expect it to be available for very long, so best grab one quickly if you've been waiting for an opportunity to buy Microsoft's latest console.

This bundle specifically comes with a three-month membership to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This is Microsoft's top tier subscription service, that combines Game Pass with Xbox Live Gold. The first part gives you access to a vast and ever-expanding library of Xbox games to download and play, including major first-party releases such as Halo Infinite. Think of it a bit like Netflix for games. The second allows you to play multiplayer online with friends, alongside a set of exclusive deals and freebies each month.

For a while, we've said Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is one of the best value memberships you can buy today. Just to give you an idea, here are some of the best Xbox Game Pass games you can play today. When that subscription time runs out, be sure to check our guide to the cheapest Xbox Game Pass deals so you pay the lowest price to keep it going.

Xbox Series X restock at Currys

Xbox Series X | 3-Months Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: £479 at Currys

Xbox Series X | 3-Months Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: £479 at Currys
A solid Xbox Series X bundle from Currys. With an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership, you get access to a rolling library of Xbox games through Game Pass, plus an Xbox Live Gold subscription that allows you to play online and get exclusive deals. This restock has been live for a few hours now but consoles are still available to buy.

If these do sell out, remember that the Xbox Series S is more widely available and shouldn't be overlooked if you want a small but powerful console on a budget. Head to our page on where to buy the Xbox Series X for all the retailers that currently have stock of the Xbox Series S as well, along with all the latest restock news should you miss out at Currys today. 

If you do manage to bag a console, you can also browse the latest Xbox game deals throughout the year for more bargains and pick up some cheap accessories with our look at the best Xbox controller deals available right now.

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