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While the fuss is all about the iPhone 14 right now, Samsung deals is where the real savings seem to be. This Galaxy S22 deal will save you over £100 on the original price, and includes a contract with Vodafone that gets you 50GB of 5G data and unlimited minutes and texts.

At £21/month and £150 upfront you'll essentially be paying £654 over two years for a new Samsung Galaxy S22 and the Vodafone deal – that's £115 less than buying the SIM-free device, which would cost you £769.

This is probably one of the best Samsung phone deals you'll find this side of Black Friday. The Galaxy S22 is a flagship phone that's designed to battle it out with Apple’s iPhone 13 – and in many areas it even beats it. The Galaxy S22 has an excellent camera setup with more megapixels and more cameras than the iPhone 13, and unlike the iPhone 13 it gives you 3x optical zoom. 

If video is your thing, you can also shoot footage in 4K or even 8K

The phone has a 6.1-inch display with adaptive screen-refresh technology that does a nice job of keeping everything from fast scrolls to action games looking smooth. The only downside of this device is perhaps that, compared to its predecessor, the Galaxy S21, the screen is a bit smaller – but it's a difference that probably won't be too noticeable to the average user.

This deal could be a great option for someone who wants a premium device but isn’t ready to invest somewhere in the region of £1,000 – the price for some of the latest iPhone deals.

Today's best Samsung deal

Samsung Galaxy S22: at | Vodafone | £150 upfront | 50GB data | unlimited minutes and texts | £21/pm

Samsung Galaxy S22: at | Vodafone | £150 upfront | 50GB data | unlimited minutes and texts | £21/pm
There’s no denying this is a great deal for the Galaxy S22. It can save you £115 on the original price of the phone, while still giving you this premium device on a contract with one of the best providers in the UK. If you’d been thinking about getting a new device and want something high-spec, this is a good chance to bag yourself just that, at a very reasonable price.

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