The cheapest Windows laptop is built by a car manufacturer but it's not Tesla

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Cyber Monday has officially started (well, it is already underway in some part of the planet anyway) and we managed to find out what the cheapest Windows 10 laptop right out is. Turns out, it is a Hyundai device, the Thinnote L14WB2SG and it is on sale at Office Depot for only $159.99, that's a saving of $70 off the sticker price of $229.99.

Yep, the Korean giant better known for its IONIQ and Tucson range of cars has fingers in many pies including selling ultra-affordable laptops, tablets and SSD (but nothing that can pass as a PS5 SSD) via Hyundai Technology.

The Thinnote is definitely not a roadrunner and while the marketing literature mentions running intensive programs we'd recommend avoiding those for the sake of your sanity. It is a cheap laptop and unless you absolutely need Windows 10, we'd suggest you get the Lenovo Chromebook Flex 3 which costs $159.99 at Amazon and has a touchscreen display as a bonus.

Hyundai Thinnote, 4GB, 64GB storage $229.99$159.99 at Office Depot
Save $70
The cheapest Windo...

Hyundai Thinnote, 4GB, 64GB storage <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">$229.99 $159.99 at Office Depot
Save $70
This is the most affordable Windows 10 laptop right now for anyone looking for a portable and yet affordable device. Powered by a Celeron CPU, it comes with 4GB of RAM, a 14.1-inch display, 64GB eMMC storage and plenty of connectivity options. Note that this offer expires on December 6th.

The laptop comes with next business day shipping but given how busy things are, Officedepot says that you may have to wait up to seven business day. Other than running Windows 10, it has a Celeron processor (the dual-core N3350), 4GB of RAM (which you can't upgrade), 64GB eMMC storage (which you can top up with a 2.5-inch SSD or HDD via a spare bay) and a 14.1-inch HD+ display.

Don't expect miracle though as it will almost certainly not be upgradable to Windows 11 and while it claims to have a battery life of up to eight hours, we wouldn't be so sure about it.

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