Save over 30% off Amazon Eero Mesh Wi-Fi extenders in early Prime Day deal

Amazon Eero Mesh deal
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Amazon Prime Day 2021 is still a week away, but some early deals are already dropping like this great deal for the Eero Mesh (opens in new tab) Wi-Fi extender, and there's another deal for the upgraded Eero Pro (opens in new tab) too.

You can grab this affordable Wi-Fi extender now for just £55 or the upgraded Pro version for £97 instead of their usual prices of £79 and £149 respectively. These are good prices for reliable Wi-Fi extenders, and it's the best discount we've ever seen for either Eero Mesh device.

If you're not in the UK, scroll down for the best Amazon Eero Mesh Wi-Fi extenders deals near you.

Today's best Amazon Eero Mesh deal

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Amazon Eero Mesh: £79 £55 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save £24
– this device can be set up in minutes and will give your current network a 1500 square foot (140 square metres) coverage boost to spread fast, reliable Wi-Fi throughout your home. Thanks to automatic updates, your network should be kept safe and secure too.

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Amazon Eero Mesh Pro: £149 £97 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save £52
– if you want to upgrade your current home Wi-Fi network even further, this 1700 square foot (160 square metres) coverage boost could be what you need. The Eero Pro can be set up in minutes and can intelligently route traffic to help avoid congestion, buffering, and connection loss.

Both Eero Mesh routers and Wi-Fi extenders are compatible with a range of modems and internet service providers. If you've ever struggled to get Wi-Fi in certain parts of your house or flat, an extender like this could be exactly what you need to give your signal a boost and finally get coverage from everywhere.

If you're already part of the Amazon ecosystem with devices like an Amazon Echo, the Eero Mesh will integrate nicely thanks to Alexa controls that help you manage your Wi-Fi network with your voice.

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