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The best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 deals for September 2022

We've rounded up all of this week's best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 deals just down below - perfect if you're looking to save some cash on this amazing foldable flagship. While pricey upfront, there are some really, really great ways to save on both unlocked and carrier devices right now, especially if you're willing to hand over an older device as part of a trade. 

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 deals: quick links

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 deals

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1. This week's best deals
2. Mini-review

Debuting at $1,799 means this latest device will be a significant investment for even the most flush of foldable device fans. While both carrier and unlocked options are included in this article, as you'd expect it's the carrier options that carry the biggest savings altogether. As always with pricey flagships, we'd recommend lining a trade-in on an older (but still valuable) device as the best option. 

Key new features include much-needed S-Pen support - a real no-brainer for a device with such real estate, a powerful 64-bit Octa-Core chip, and a number of iterative design improvements to the hinge and overall weight of the device. 

Put simply, this is one powerful device indeed and a great option for those looking for something that's at the forefront of smartphone design. Your more information, you'll find a full specs breakdown and mini-review just below this week's Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 deals.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 deals

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3: up to $1,100 off with trade at Samsung (opens in new tab)
Samsung's offering really great trade-in rebates of up to $1,100 off this week with its Galaxy Z Fold 3 deals, a promotion that covers both unlocked and carrier devices. Because of this flexibility, and the eye-watering saving amounts on offer here, we'd say this is easily one of the strongest options out there regardless of what type of device you're after. Recommended.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3: $1,799 $1,399 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save $400 -
If you'd prefer to skip the freebies and simply opt for an upfront discount instead, consider picking up your Galaxy Z Fold 3 deals from Amazon. Right now this retailer is offering a price that's just $50 off its record low and no trade-ins are needed here to get your price cut. Overall, we'd probably advocate trading in for a bigger saving if possible (see Samsung above). This is, however, a fantastic no-strings-attached option if you don't have a highly valued device ready to trade. 

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3: save up to $800 with trade-in, plus $200 with number port-in (opens in new tab)
Verizon's at the forefront of carrier Galaxy Z Fold 3 deals this week with a fantastic trade-in rebate of up to $800. This isn't quite the record $1,000 off we've seen from this carrier but it's still great - especially since it can be stacked on top of a $200 gift card for new customers. Note, as with all big carrier promotions, you'll need a new line on an unlimited data plan to be eligible.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3: save up to $800 with an eligible trade-in and new plan (opens in new tab)
You won't get that $1,000 new customer bonus with AT&T's Galaxy Z Fold 3 deals but the carrier's $800 maximum trade-in rebate is still one of the better options out there right now. It's not enough to cover the cost of the device, but it is enough to cut that cost down significantly - a welcome thing with such a pricey device. As always, this one's only eligible with an unlimited plan, although upgrade options are also available.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3: $400 off with activation, plus up to $800 off with a trade-in at Best Buy (opens in new tab)
Best Buy's offering some huge $400 discounts right now on both carrier and unlocked devices - although only via an activation rebate. That makes its Galaxy Z Fold 3 deals, which also include big trade-in savings, a little less flexible than some of the options on our list (like Amazon's). That said, the potential savings on the cards here are huge if you happen to be eligible for both terms.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 deals: what you need to know

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 specs

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 deals: specs

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OS: Android | Screen size: 7.6-inch (interior) 6.2-inch (exterior)| Resolution:  2208 x 1768 (interior) 2268 x 832 (exterior) | CPU: 5nm 64-bit Octa-Core | Memory: 12GB | Weight: 271g |Storage: 256 / 512GB | Battery:   4,400mAh | Rear camera: 12MP main, 12MP ultrawide, 12MP telephoto| Front camera: 4MP (interior) 10MP (exterior)

So, Samsung's next generation of foldable devices has finally arrived - but does the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 live up to its hype? Well, for those looking for a cheaper foldable device, the bad news is that the Fold 3 is being introduced at a starting price of  $1799 - the exact same cost as the Fold 2 upon launch. As you'd imagine, though, the latest foldable from Samsung is absolutely packed full of the latest components and design improvements. 

Firstly, Samsung has brought full S-Pen functionality to the Galaxy Z Fold 3, alongside a large number of software improvements and integrations for a number of leading apps. That'll allow you to better utilize all that screen real-estate - which also happens to feature the world's first 'under screen' no-punch-hole camera and brightness that's improved by upwards of 27% overall.

Durability, weight, and waterproofing have all been improved according to Samsung, and you'll also get a brand new beefed-up 64-bit Octa-Core and 12GB of RAM under the hood with every model. In short, that'll see you powering through any number of applications or games - regardless of whether you're using it unfolded or not.

See our hands-on Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 (opens in new tab) review

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