LG’s 77-inch C2 OLED TV is $800 off with this Black Friday deal

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We’re big fans of LG’s C2 series OLED TVs – so much so that we selected the C2 as our TV of the year in the TechRadar Choice awards. LG TVs are seeing some nice price cuts as we head toward the holiday season, including this $800 off a 77-inch C2 OLED at Best Buy.

This is one of the more appealing Black Friday deals we’ve come across, and not just because it’s for an LG C2 OLED, but for the 77-inch version. Granted, the $2,500 you’ll currently pay at Best Buy is still a good bit of money, but in this case you’re getting something special – specifically, an OLED TV capable of high brightness and powerful contrast that’s also packed with gaming features like 4K 120Hz support, VRR, ALLM, and more.

Do you need a TV this large? For some viewing environments, the answer is yes – absolutely. A 65-inch TV is fine for viewing in a room where the sofa is set 8-10 feet away from the screen, but if you’re sitting any further away than that, you will lose a sense of immersion in the image. Bumping up the screen size to 77 inches – or larger – can have an incredible impact, making it seem like you’re in a center seat at the cinema when viewing movies at home.

Best Buy also has a Black Friday deal on the 65-inch C2, which is selling for $1,700, and another on the 83-inch C2, which is currently $4,000. But this 77-incher for $2,500 truly hits the sweet spot for us, and is a sweet deal indeed on the best overall TV of 2022.

LG 77-inch C2 OLED TV: was $3,299 now $2,499 at Best Buy

LG 77-inch C2 OLED TV: was $3,299 now $2,499 at Best Buy
This deal on LG's best all-around TV at a sizeable 77 inches is something to get excited about since it represents a new low for that screen size. The C2 series OLEDs sit at the top of our list of the best 4K TVs owing to their excellent brightness, rich color, and stunning contrast. If you're in the market for a 75-inch or, in this case, slightly larger screen, we could not make a more enthusiastic recommendation.

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