I'm using Black Friday to cover my office in Grid Studio's artwork - and it's glorious

PSP Grid Studio Black Friday
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Grid Studio, the company that memoralizes your iPhones and gaming handheld from the past, are holding a Black Friday sale, and already I've taken advantage of this by buying the framed PSP.

While there are a bunch of Black Friday deals now live, that's not stopped other companies from launching their own sales. When these discount events usually happen, there's always those few products that you're holding out for, whether that's a TV, an air fryer or just an app for your iPhone.

However, this year it was Grid Studio for me, as there's a 15% discount across its whole store, and a bigger discount for the Sony PSP. With there being free worldwide shipping on all of these framed products, I'm already looking at its framed Game Boy for another nostalgia hit.

Taking me back to 2005

PlayStation Portable:$179.99$119.99 at Grid

PlayStation Portable: was $179.99 now $119.99 at Grid
Released in 2004, this was Sony's competitor to the Nintendo DS, and while it didn't win out in this battle, it and the successor, the PS Vita, still has a strong fanbase. If you used to one one, you can now have a PSP framed anywhere on your wall.

Nostalgia is a powerful feeling - it can bring up a lot of good memories of a certain time, and companies are aware of this. It's why we've seen countless remasters and remakes in games in the past few years, such as The Last of Us Part 1, but it's rarely a bad thing. It lets us see these products in an appreciative light, and lets us remember the good times.

It's why the PSP gives me this same effect - I remember playing countless multiplayer games of GTA: Liberty City Stories at school on the handheld with friends, and it's still a great memory, 17 years on.

That's why I think Grid brings this out so well - not only do you see the product broken down, but there's small details littered around the frame to let you know what each piece means and when it was released.

Every time you look at this, you'll see something different, and think back to the time when these products made a big impact on you, as this frame does with me.

However, while you're looking at these frames from Grid, there are still some great Black Friday laptop deals, alongside some gaming laptop bargains with our Black Friday gaming laptop deals guide. Meanwhile, you can scroll down for more Black Friday deals in the US and UK.

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