Get a free pair of Google Pixel Buds with your Pixel 7 at Affordable Mobiles

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Thinking about picking up a Google Pixel 7? Now's a great time. The retailer Affordable Mobiles is not only offering some great value tariffs on both the standard Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, but throwing in a free pair of Pixel Buds Pro.

These earbuds - which are the most premium set that Google offers - are worth £179 by themselves so this isn't a pocket-change freebie by any means. It's also available on a number of excellent tariffs from O2, Three, and Vodafone until the 19th of April.

Google Pixel 7: free pair of Pixel Buds Pro with select tariffs at Affordable Mobiles

Google Pixel 7: free pair of Pixel Buds Pro with select tariffs at Affordable Mobiles
6.3-inch (OLED, 90Hz)
50MP wide, 12MP ultrawide, 8MP front

The standard Google Pixel 7 is a fantastic option if you're looking for a fully-featured Android flagship that doesn't break the bank. A combination of an excellent design, powerful Tensor 2 chipset, and class-leading camera features makes it a superb all-rounder and a great choice for most users. Pair it up with a free pair of Pixel Buds Pro and you've got a great value deal. See our Google Pixel 7 review for a full run-down of this device.

Our favourite tariff today: Three| free upfront | unlimited data | unlimited calls and texts | £30/pm

Google Pixel 7 Pro: free pair of Pixel Buds Pro with select tariffs at Affordable Mobiles

Google Pixel 7 Pro: free pair of Pixel Buds Pro with select tariffs at Affordable Mobiles
Display: 6.7-inch (OLED, 120Hz)
Camera: 50MP wide, 12MP ultrawide, 12MP front

The Google Pixel 7 Pro is going to appeal to power users or those who prefer a larger display. The main upgrade with this model is the gorgeous 6.7-inch OLED display that's capable of a silky smooth 120Hz refresh rate. On top of the display, you'll also get a better zoom on your camera, which can be super handy if you're an avid mobile photographer. Check out our Google Pixel 7 Pro review for a detailed look at this device.

Our favourite tariff today: O2| free upfront | 250GB data | unlimited calls and texts | £39/pm

What's the freebie with this Pixel 7 deal?

Google Pixel Buds Pro on silver background

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Our Google Pixel Buds Pro review found Google's first-ever Pro model earbuds to be a solid, if somewhat unremarkable pair of buds. Would we recommend people pay outright for them? Probably not. In our opinion, there are better options out there if you're looking for the best noise-cancelling earbuds

However, there are a few selling points for the Pixel Buds Pro - enough to make this freebie promotion at Affordable Mobiles well worth considering. 

Firstly, the Pixel Buds Pro still retail for at least £154 by themselves, which even after a discount at the Google Store, is hardly pocket change. 

Secondly, the Pixel Buds Pro do have some excellent class-leading features, such as up to 31 hours of battery life, active noise cancellation, a transparency mode, and support for connecting multiple devices. 

Overall, we found the sound quality to be a little poorer than the high-end rivals from Sony or Apple, but the Pixel Buds Pro are a fantastic pairing with any Pixel device - and an awesome freebie to boot.

How can I claim my free Pixel Buds Pro?

This particular freebie is claimed via Google itself. Firstly, you'll need to keep your receipts after your purchase your device via Affordable Mobiles - this includes email confirmations. To claim your reward, you'll specifically need the following:

  • Purchase Date
  • Retailer name or logo
  • Product details IMEI1 number
  • Personal details (presumedly address)
  • Proof of purchase

Secondly, you'll want to bookmark this page at Google, which is where you'll need to submit your claim. As of writing, submissions will open on April 5th so you've got some time before you can input your details. Make sure you write down or set a reminder to put your claim in as simply purchasing a device does not automatically enroll you for this promotion. Note that all purchases from 22nd March to 19th April 2023 will be eligible for a free pair of Pixel Buds Pro, see further details here.

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