Don't buy this £200 Black Friday laptop deal – send it to your enemies instead

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We're being treated to a wave of Black Friday deals right now – but does a laptop that's had its price cut from £714.25 to just £209.98 at Amazon sound too good to be true? If it does, that's because, in this case, it is.

While Amazon is touting this early Black Friday laptop deal with a huge 71% off, we'd actually recommend you steer clear.

On the surface it might appear okay. It has a 15.6-inch screen, and while the 256GB SSD is a bit low for a Windows 11 laptop, it comes with 8GB RAM, which you don't usually see at a laptop at this price.

However, look closely, and there are some big red flags. First of all, the brand is SGIN, a name most people won't have heard of. The page on Amazon is also full of contradictions and strange information – it calls the storage an SSD ROM, for a start.

It also sometimes says that the screen is in fact 14.1 inches rather than 15.6 inches, and in the 'about this item' section the SSD is referred to as being 512GB, not 256GB.

The biggest issue we have with it, though, is that the CPU is the incredibly weak Intel Celeron N4020C processor, a dual-core, two-threaded chip that just isn't up to the job for modern tasks. You'll find Windows 11 will run pretty terribly on the laptop, despite the 8GB of RAM. We have a hard job believing this laptop ever sold for £715.

So, why are we even highlighting this deal if we're telling people to avoid it (or to suggest it to any enemies you might have – yes, it really is that bad)?

We're highlighting it because people are falling for it – it's currently the number one best seller in Traditional Laptops at Amazon. In that list, there's another SGIN laptop with the same awful specs, so people are buying a lot of these.

Nestled amongst these, though, are some truly great laptops for around the same price, so instead of wasting your money, read on for a selection of the best cheap laptops that are actually worth buying…

Not in the UK? Don't worry, we have some great cheap laptop deals for you as well.

The best cheap laptop deals worth buying in the UK

Asus C204MA Chromebook: £149 £119.99 at Amazon

Asus C204MA Chromebook: was £149 now £119.99 at Amazon
It's not always easy to find a laptop deal for around £100 so don't miss this Asus C204 Chromebook if you only need the most basic device possible. It's not particularly powerful, sure, but it's cheap and all you really need for light use, basic admin tasks and web browsing. The battery lasts a full day, too.

Lenovo IdeaPad 3i Chromebook:£199£149 at Currys

Lenovo IdeaPad 3i Chromebook: was £199 now £149 at Currys
Get a quarter off the price of this compact Chromebook from Lenovo, which packs an 11.6-inch display and a long battery life – ideal for long days at school or the office. It's the archetypal Chrome-powered laptop; small and speedy, but not too expensive.

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go:£299£199 at Argos

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go: was £299 now £199 at Argos
Samsung's lightweight Chromebook has always been one of our favorites, from its sleek black chassis to its comfortable keyboard. At this discount, it's one of the best-value Chromebooks you can buy if you want a laptop that feels premium but doesn't cost the world.

Asus VivoBook 15: £379.99 £229.99 at Amazon

Asus VivoBook 15: was £379.99 now £229.99 at Amazon
We're seriously impressed with how good this Asus VivoBook 15 is in terms of value for money. It offers impressive performance for all general everyday tasks and light use thanks to its Intel i3 processor and 8GB RAM - a combination of solid components we rarely see for so cheap. There isn't a better deal out there today if you're after a capable laptop on a budget of under £250.

The best cheap laptop deals worth buying in the US

HP 11.6-inch Chromebook: $98 $79 at Walmart

HP 11.6-inch Chromebook: was $98 now $79 at Walmart
Laptops don't get much cheaper than this. Of course, you only get a very basic device for this sort of money, but this is a smart buy if you need a capable machine for light use or schoolwork. There's enough power to handle that, a robust shell to keep it protected and a 10-hour battery life that means it'll last the day.

Lenovo Flex 3 Chromebook:$189$129 at Best Buy

Lenovo Flex 3 Chromebook: was $189 now $129 at Best Buy
If you want a super-cheap 2-in-1 Chromebook this Black Friday, Best Buy has you covered. The Flex 3 won't be winning any beauty contests with its thick screen bezels, but it's an excellent choice of starter laptop for a younger child who needs a computer for homework and watching YouTube videos.

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go:$300$214 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go: was $300 now $214 at Amazon
Samsung's lightweight Chromebook has always been one of our favorites, from its sleek black chassis to its comfortable keyboard. At this discount, it's one of the best-value Chromebooks you can buy if you want a laptop that feels premium but doesn't cost the world.

HP Pavilion 15: $279$249 at Walmart

HP Pavilion 15: was $279 now $249 at Walmart
This cheaper HP Pavilion 15 is a solid device for your everyday computing needs, work and media streaming thanks to the entry-level Intel i3 processor and 8GB of RAM. Plus, there's a reasonable 256GB SSD for all your important files and applications. It sports a slim, light and portable design too, which is great for those always on the go.

As you can see there are quite a lot of Chromebooks we suggest to buy instead. These are great alternatives that offer low prices and very good performance for most tasks. Make sure you check out our Chromebook Black Friday deals round up for more great choices in the run up to Black Friday.

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