Get Virgin Media's speedy and popular 'M125' broadband for only £26 a month

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For those of you scouring the markets for the best broadband deals that feature fast average download speeds – look no further than this offer from Virgin Media.

At the moment, you can get its popular M125 Fibre Broadband package for the low price of just £26 a month – all without any upfront fees to pay. With this particular tariff, you get ultrafast average download speeds of 132Mbps, upload speeds of 20Mbps, and its high-quality WiFi Hub included for free. 

All you need to do is check if you can access Virgin's own cable broadband network –  and then sign up for an 18-month contract to make the most of this discounted price. From month 19, the cost goes up to the usual price of £54 a month.

With these speeds and the dependable connection you get from Virgin Media, most small to medium-sized households and businesses should have all their online needs met. Whether you want to stream in UHD, casually browse, download movies, or send lots of files, you'll be able to do so easily on multiple devices at once.

Those of you who are currently with O2 for your mobile plan should also note that additional perks and benefits can be found for free. This includes WiFi booster pods for your home, speed upgrades, and more – all courtesy of its partnership 'Volt' benefits scheme.

Alongside checking if you're eligible, the only other thing to note with this deal is that Virgin states it 'will increase each April from April 2025 by the Retail Price Index rate of inflation announced in February each year plus 3.9%'. 

Our best Virgin Media broadband deal

Virgin Media | M125 Fibre Broadband | £26 a month | 18-month contract | 132Mbps avg. download speeds | No upfront costs

Virgin Media | M125 Fibre Broadband | £26 a month | 18-month contract | 132Mbps avg. download speeds | No upfront costs
Right now with Virgin Media, you can get average download speeds of 132Mbps on an 18-month contract for just £26 a month with no upfront fees. This deal also sees you get a class-leading free WiFi Hub, unlimited data and dependable service. Plus, if you're on O2 there are also free perks you can add on via Priority. You can check your eligibility when you enquire, but you should note that from month 19 the cost goes up to £54 a month and there are annual price rises in place too. 

Why should you choose Virgin Media?

There's no escaping the fact that Virgin Media is one of the UK's leading and most popular broadband providers, but when you take a closer look at everything it has to offer, it's not hard to see why.

You can get a big choice of broadband speeds to pretty much cover any need, even largest and busiest households. What's more, some areas can now get Virgin's new 'Gig2' tariff, which offers symmetrical broadband speeds upwards of 2,000Mbps. The full list of packages is:

  • M125 - 132Mbps average download speeds
  • M250 - 264Mbps average download speeds
  • M350 - 362Mbps average download speeds
  • M500 - 516Mbps average download speeds
  • Gig1 - 1,130Mbps average download speeds
  • Gig2 - 2,000Mbps average download speeds

Virgin is also a market leader when it comes to broadband and TV bundles. These can feature everything from free-to-air channels to packages with Sky's movie and sports channels. On top of this, you can also get some great tech like Virgin's 'TV 360' box where you can record and pause all your favourite programmes. Virgin even has a streaming TV service, which has a simple plug-in-and-play setup. 

However, alongside the fact that not everyone can access its broadband network right now, Virgin has been criticised for its customer services in recent years. This is perhaps best demonstrated by a recent Ofcom report that shows it to be the worst provider for handling customer complaints.

So if you can't get Virgin right now, or you want to look elsewhere, check out our guide to the best broadband deals to see what else is available right now. Equally, to see what broadband packages you can access in your area today, just enter your postcode into our widget below. 

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