Free broadband just in time for Christmas? Don't worry about paying till April with this Three broadband deal

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If you've just started searching for a new broadband deal, then you might not have considered a 5G home broadband option yet. Well, that's about to change... 

This is because Three's 5G broadband hub is currently completely free for three months when you sign a 24-month contract! Even after this introductory offer ends, this package still only costs £22 per month, making it one of the cheapest on the market, especially with nothing to pay upfront.  

Three is home to the UK's fastest 5G network, so impressive speeds are guaranteed. In fact, Three's 5G hub actually provides average download speeds of 150Mbps and can reach speeds up to 265Mbps, meaning it's quicker than a lot of fibre broadband deals

As this is a 5G home broadband deal, there's also no need for an engineer to visit your home. So, if you order before 8 pm, you can get online the very next day. Before you sign up for this deal, you'll just need to check whether or not your property can receive a reliable 5G connection. Thankfully, this is something you can quickly and easily check with Three when you click on the link below. 

Three 5G Hub | 150Mbps average download speeds | 24-month contract | First three months FREE | £22 after | No upfront fees

Three 5G Hub | 150Mbps average download speeds | 24-month contract | First three months FREE | £22 after | No upfront fees
Three's popular 5G broadband hub is completely FREE for the first three months of a 24-month contract. Following this, the price rises to £22 per month, but this still means that this deal is one of the very cheapest broadband deals on the market. The hub itself is also class-leading and you receive unlimited downloads with average download speeds of 150Mbps. Plus, there aren't any upfront fees to pay, you can get online the very next day and there's a 30-day money-back guarantee for added peace of mind. 

Why choose Three 5G broadband? 

Many customers turn to Three when they're looking for a 4G broadband or a 5G broadband deal, it's easy to see why, too. After all, Three specialises in these solutions and consistently offers the cheapest deals on the market. Plus, the company is officially home to the UK's 'Fastest 5G Network'. 

The good news doesn't stop there. The company's customer service is also first class, and when you take out a new broadband contract before 8 pm, they'll make sure you receive it the next working day. Plus, Three never charges setup fees and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for added peace of mind. 

We also really like the flexibility of the company's contracts. The 24-month deal we've highlighted here is their cheapest, but Three also offers one-month rolling contracts that you can cancel at any time. 

Yet to be convinced by 5G or you've found it's unavailable at your property? Check out our best broadband deals guide, where we've listed all the best deals on the market today. Alternatively, put your postcode into the widget below and we'll show you what options are available at your address. 

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