You can get a great desktop PC for under $600 thanks to these Black Friday deals

several PCs including a Mac mini, all in one, and a desktop tower
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Black Friday is here and with it comes some serious Black Friday deals. Included in that are sales for a wide variety of desktop PCs including the best all-in-one PCs, best computers in general, and best gaming PCs. And right now there are plenty of them you can take advantage of at retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, and Amazon, all for the incredibly low price of under $600.

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If you're looking for great deals, some of the best ones include the Dell Optiplex 9020 on sale for $201.99 on Amazon, the Apple 2023 Mac Mini (256GB)  on sale for $499 on Amazon, and the Acer Aspire C22 desktop on sale for $429.99 on Amazon. The prices are super low since they all have the exact specs needed to be great productivity machines while still not overly equipping them with components that office workers and students don't need.

If you're interested in getting your hands on some of the best computers and best Macs in the market but didn't have the funds before, then take advantage of these sales while the Black Friday PC deals are still going on.

Black Friday desktop PC deals

Dell Optiplex 9020: $249.98$201.99 at Amazon

Dell Optiplex 9020: was $249.98 now $201.99 at Amazon
For those looking for a productivity-minded PC that's the perfect compact size for the home or work office, this tower is just for you. Armed with excellent specs including an Intel Core i7 processor, 32GB of RAM, and 1TB of storage, all for under $200 as long as you don't mind it being refurbished.  

Acer Aspire C22 desktop:$529.99$429.99 on Amazon

Acer Aspire C22 desktop: was $529.99 now $429.99 on Amazon
This all-in-one desktop comes with an Intel Core i3-N305an Alder Lake-N architecture-based processor, a line released in 2023 equipped with 8 cores, 8 threads, and a 3.80 GHz boosted clock speed. It also features 8GB RAM and 512GB of storage space, all for an incredible budget price thanks to this deal.

Acer Aspire TC desktop:$549.99$449.99 on Amazon

Acer Aspire TC desktop: was $549.99 now $449.99 on Amazon
Office workers and students alike will find this desktop a great deal, with specs that can handle any productivity task or school project thanks to its 13th-Gen Intel Core processor, 8GB RAM, and 512GB of storage. This deal takes an already affordable machine and puts it straight into budget pricing territory.

Apple 2023 Mac Mini (256GB):$599$499 on Amazon

Apple 2023 Mac Mini (256GB): was $599 now $499 on Amazon
This is the baseline Mac Mini, which features the still excellent M2 chip, making it an absolute productivity machine. It has an 8-core CPU and 10-core GPU and comes with 8GB of unified memory (RAM) and 256GB of storage, which all sounds like very little except that this computer runs more efficiently than most Windows-based PCs but at an incredible price.

Acer Aspire TC:$679.99$589.99 at Newegg

Acer Aspire TC: was $679.99 now $589.99 at Newegg
Already a great price before, this deal makes this desktop PC even more budget. It comes with a current-gen Intel Core i5-13400 CPU, 16GB RAM, and 512GB, giving you specs that can handle any productivity workload. Plus Newegg is offering an additional 11% sitewide discount with code ZIP111, for those paying with the Zip service.

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