Vodafone's unlimited data mobile broadband packages are now half price

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For anyone who needs a temporary internet connection, can't get broadband installed or just likes to do work on the go, mobile broadband is an excellent solution. And with many internet providers unable to install right now, its more promising than ever.

Usually, Three has a firm iron fist around mobile broadband, out-doing everyone else for value with ease. Recently however, Vodafone has stepped up its game offering a bargain promotion.

Take up an unlimited data mobile broadband plan and Vodafone will slash your bills in half for six months. That means you're paying just £16.50 for half of your contract and £33 for the rest.

That makes this easily one of the best mobile broadband plans we've seen in a long time. And with Vodafone's plans, you're getting both 4G and 5G connectivity, giving you the option (if it's available) to get even faster speeds.

We've included everything you need to know about this offer below or head straight to Vodafone to see its half price offers on mobile broadband, dongles and SIMs.

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The best offers on 4G home broadband:

Vodafone R219 | 12-month contract | FREE upfront | Unlimited data | £16.50 for six months then £33 for the rest

Vodafone R219 | 12-month contract | FREE upfront | Unlimited data | £16.50 for six months then £33 for the rest
If you're looking for mobile broadband right now, this seems like the best option out there. Its a 12 month contract with the first half only costing you £16.50. At that price you're getting completely unlimited data.

when you click the link above you'll see you can actually go as low as £14 also landing you unlimited speeds. However, it is well worth mentioning that if you choose this plan, you will find your speeds capped. If you know you will be using this router for the absolute basic activities - emails, quick internet searches etc - then this will be fine. If you're looking for some more complicated uses...it won't quite do.

How does mobile broadband work?

Mobile broadband works by putting a SIM card into a router, allowing you to push out that connection and connect to it. In this way, it is a lot like tethering onto a phone plan like you can with most phones these days.

These routers can be connected to by a number of devices while still providing strong speeds. Plenty for streaming, gaming, using social media and working from home.

What other broadband plans are available?

Obviously mobile broadband isn't the only option out there for people needing home internet. You can always go for the more traditional broadband deals with cables and phone lines. Or another portable option is 4G home broadband or if you live in the right areas, 5G home broadband.

Both of these 'home broadband' plans work just like mobile plans, using a SIM card to power your router, they're just a bit more powerful.

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