4G home broadband: get half-price bills plus gifts with Three's latest deals

4G home broadband
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While traditional broadband deals are all well and good, they're not perfect for everyone. If you live in an area with a poor broadband connection, need a more flexible router, or just want something cheap, Three has the perfect option right now.

In its latest sale, Three's 4G home broadband plans are looking more affordable than ever. Across all four options, you can currently get half price bills for the first six months of a 24-month contract.

On top of that, three of these plans secure you added tech including Amazon Echos, Google speakers, and Apple TV, all at heavily reduced costs. For the final major benefit, all of these deals come with unlimited data - something that is quite rare with 4G home broadband deals.

Below we've listed everything you need to know about these offers.

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Three's bargain 4G home broadband deal:

Three 4G Hub

Three 4G Hub | 24-month contract | £19 upfront | Unlimited data | £11 a month for first six, then £22 a month
This is Three's base plan, simply offering you an alternative to broadband at a bargain price. Sign up for 24 months, and you'll get unlimited data for just £22 a month. For the first six months of your contract, you'll only have to pay £11 each month - a bit of a steal when it comes to portable internet.


Three 4G Hub + Apple TV HD | 24-month contract | FREE upfront | Unlimited data | £14 a month for first six, then £28 a month
This is pretty much identical to the offer above, except it throws in Apple TV HD as well. Your cost jumps up by £6 a month compared to the above, but you still get the six months half price bills. Apple TV HD offers a host of shows produced by Apple, similar to a Netflix or Amazon Prime subscription.


Three 4G Hub + Amazon Echo Show 5 | 24-month contract | FREE upfront | Unlimited data | £12 a month for first six, then £24 a month
Another gift included alongside the 4G Hub. This deal gets you a free Amazon Echo Show 5 for just £12 a month for your first six months and then £24 a month. The Amazon Echo Show 5 is a 5.5-inch smart display with Alexa, alarms, and more.


Three 4G Hub + Google Nest Audio | 24-month contract | FREE upfront | Unlimited data | £12.50 a month for first six, then £25 a month
Finally, if you'd like a speaker with your internet package, this deal secures you a Google Nest Audio with your 4G router. It is a smart speaker with the Google Assistant built in. It is also one of the larger smart speakers out there making this deal pretty great value.

Can I get a 5G connection through this router?

All of Three's 4G home broadband plans are compatible with both 4G and 5G. That means if you're lucky enough to live in an area that gets 5G connections, you can connect using the above device at no extra cost.

However, 5G is not very widely available in the UK so far so you are much more likely to be connecting to a 4G network.

How does 4G Home Broadband work?

These home broadband plans work by putting a SIM card into a router, allowing you to connect through SIM data. In this way, it is a lot like tethering onto a phone plan like you can with most phones these days.

These routers can be connected to a number of devices while still providing strong speeds - plenty for streaming, gaming, using social media, and working from home.

What other broadband plans are available?

Obviously mobile broadband isn't the only option out there for people needing home internet. You can always go for the more traditional broadband plans with cables and phone lines. Or another portable option is mobile broadband or if you live in the right areas, 5G home broadband.

However, going for traditional broadband deals right now will require you to already have a phone line.

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