Black Friday Kindle deals 2023: sales still available

Amazon Kindle Black Friday deals showing Kindle Paperwhite
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With the Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday deals at an end officially, the best time to score a cut-price Kindle has been and gone. But there are still a few deals around at the time of writing. 

You can still grab a few discounted Kindle Scribe and Paperwhite models in the US, though pickings are a lot slimmer in the UK. So read on for the best Kindle deals there are still around and some information on what to expect for Black Friday 2024. 

Best Black Friday Kindle deals - Quick links US

Best Black Friday Kindle deals in the US

Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition:$257.97$237.97 at Amazon

Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition: was $257.97 now $237.97 at Amazon
This sub-$200 deal combines the 32GB Kindle Paperwhite with either a black, green or denim cover. Purpose-built for reading on a screen without the eye strain, this bundle makes for the slickest Kindle Paperwhite experience.

Kindle Paperwhite Essentials Bundle: $204.97$184.97 at Amazon

Kindle Paperwhite Essentials Bundle: was $204.97 now $184.97 at Amazon
If you're intending to make your new Kindle Paperwhite an everyday companion, you might want to consider Amazon's Essentials Bundle, which includes a protective cover and a power adapter. We've provided a link to the black fabric cover bundle, but you also have a choice of either 'Denim' or 'Agave Green'.

Kindle Scribe Essentials Bundle:$519.97$459.97 at Amazon

Kindle Scribe Essentials Bundle: was $519.97 now $459.97 at Amazon
If you're a keen note-taker, then this Kindle Scribe bundle is the option for you. It comes with the Premium Pen for scribbling on the Kindle's screen, as well as a neat leather folio magnetic cover. It's a pricey bundle, even at a discount, but this is pretty much the ultimate Kindle experience.

Best Black Friday Kindle deals - Quick links UK

Best Black Friday Kindle deals in the UK

Kindle Scribe Essentials Bundle:£482.97£467.97 at Amazon

Kindle Scribe Essentials Bundle: was £482.97 now £467.97 at Amazon
The Kindle Scribe Essentials Bundle combines a Kindle that's great for note taking with the Premium Pen and a neat leather folio magnetic cover, as well as a charger. It's a pricey bundle, even with money off, but this is pretty much the ultimate Kindle experience.

Black Friday Kindle deals 2024: FAQs

When will the best Black Friday Kindle deals start in 2024?

With Black Friday 2023 over, we can turn our gaze towards 2024. Black Friday itself will take place on November 22. But you can expect deals to arrive well in advance of that, likely some six weeks to two months ahead of the actual day itself. 

Where will the best Black Friday Kindle deals be?

Amazon is always the best place to start your Black Friday Kindle deals shopping, but it isn't the only place to find a Kindle deal. Kindle ereaders aren't available everywhere, but Best Buy and Target sell them and often cut prices to compete with whatever deal Amazon is running.

Best place for Black Friday Kindle deals (US)
: The best place to shop for every Kindle
Best Buy: Discounts now on the most premium Kindles
Target: Check for deals on Kindle Kids ereader
Walmart: Expect deals on all Kindles

Best places for Black Friday Kindle deals (US)
: The place to go for the best Kindle deals
Argos: Deals are starting up on some limited models
John Lewis: Limited deals right now, but sales are starting
Very: Limited models, but deals are starting up

What Black Friday Kindle deals do we expect to see in 2024?

If you want a Black Friday Kindle deal, you can expect price cuts on just about every Kindle. Whether you want the affordable and capable Kindle, the water-resistant Kindle Paperwhite, or the big and feature-packed Kindle Scribe, you can expect such deals on, and in advance of, November 22, 2024. 

The Kindle Oasis, Amazon's most premium Kindle ereader, doesn't usually get the same great discounts, considering its higher starting price, but we still expect sales. Expect big deals on the base model and the Paperwhite, especially. 

Amazon also loves bundles, so we will probably see Kindles bundled with free covers, as well as offers for limited free subscriptions to Amazon's unlimited reading services, Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Kids. 

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