YouTube Music just rolled out its take on Spotify Wrapped – here's how to find it

Two phones on an orange background showing the YouTube Music Recap 2023
(Image credit: YouTube)

You wait all year for a music recap to come out, and then three drop at once: following on from Apple Music Replay 2023, and Spotify Wrapped 2023, we now have the YouTube Music Your Recap 2023 appearing on the devices of users (via 9to5Google).

To find it, open up the Android or iOS app for YouTube Music, tap your profile picture (top right), then pick Your Recap. If it's not there (or it still shows summer 2023 stats rather than stats for the whole year), you either need to try updating to the latest version of the app, or just be patient a little longer.

Two phones on an orange background showing the YouTube Music Recap 2023

(Image credit: YouTube)

It's actually no surprise that all these music recaps are arriving at the same time – no one wants to be left out of the sharing on social networks, and it's not a great look for YouTube Music if its own annual reviews land way after the ones from Spotify and Apple.

As before, the recap digs into your YouTube Music stats for the past 12 months. Like the Spotify and Apple Music recaps, you tap through a social media-style story, as YouTube Music breaks down the tracks and the artists you've listened to the most.

What's included?

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All of the stats you would expect to see are included in the YouTube Music Your Recap 2023: you get to see how many minutes of listening you've logged over the last 12 months, and which types of music you listened to (as you can see in the example above).

For the artist you listened to the most over the course of 2023, you get to see where you stand in relation to all the other fans worldwide (well done if you get the bragging rights that come with being  in the highest 1%).

Two phones on an orange background showing the YouTube Music Recap 2023

(Image credit: YouTube)

There are a couple of features we haven't seen elsewhere. One is a timeline that shows how your music tastes changed as the year went on, and in particular how the mood of the music that you listened to evolved in that time.

Then there's an image that YouTube Music presents to you as your album cover of the year: this is generated by looking at the cover art of all the music you've played in 2023, and adding an appropriate font and image to the mix.

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