Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 patents show off three possible designs

The Samsung Galaxy Fold (Image credit: TechRadar)

The first Samsung Galaxy Fold isn’t even available yet but already we’re seeing a number of patents showing possible designs for the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, and now three more have been added to the mix.

Spotted by LetsGoDigital, two of the patents appear similar to the current model, with a display that folds down the length of the screen so you’d open it like a book. There are three cameras on the back, two in the notch on the front, and one above the mini display that’s visible when the main screen is folded shut.

So far, so much like the original Galaxy Fold, as is the large amount of bezel surrounding the smaller display. The main visible difference is the size of the notch, as it appears to have been significantly shrunk down in these patents. One of the patents also places the notch in a different position – on the left edge of the screen, rather than the right.

(Image credit: Samsung / LetsGoDigital)

The third patent shows a larger departure from the current model, with the fold crossing the width of the display, more like a flip phone. The notch is in the top center of the screen on this design, and the second smaller display is a fairly square shape, where it’s rather rectangular on the other patents and on the original Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Otherwise though, there are still a lot of similarities here, with large bezels around that second screen, and the same assortment of cameras – three on the back, two in the notch on the front, and one by the smaller screen.

It’s worth noting here that patents often don’t become products, and even if one of these reflects the final form of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 it’s unlikely – though not impossible – that all three designs will be used.

We’re also likely to be waiting a while for it. The original isn’t now expected to start shipping until sometime in September and we don’t know a whole lot about the Galaxy Fold 2 yet – there’s even debate over whether it will have a 6.7 or 8-inch screen, which are two very different sizes. But for all the updates, stay tuned to TechRadar.

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