Nokia backtracks on 32GB N8 variant

Remember that news that we brought you this morning about the new Nokia N8 with 32GB built in? Well, prepare to be disappointed – it's not real.

In an email outlining a new range of apps, Nokia said: "As if the Nokia N816GB wasn't enough, you can now get your hands on a 32GB version, giving you even more power and entertainment at your fingertips."

However, TechRadar contacted Nokia and it turns out that this is nothing more than a special bundled memory card deal on its site – the usual 16GB of internal memory and an extra 16GB microSD card.

Still better than the Nokia X6

Given that Nokia releases a number of its phones in different memory variants - the Nokia X6 came in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB flavours, remember – it wasn't a stretch to think this high-end flagship had the same treatment.

But the low-key manner in which the new phone was 'announced' put us on red alert, so we had a quick check and it turns out Nokia has nothing new to announce.

Now, if the Nokia N8 32GB was announced at Mobile World Congress 2011 – well, surely that won't happen. Right? Right?