Asus to launch Eee Android phone in 2009?

Small PCs are so last year, it's time for the Asus handset

Asustek Computers (Asus to you and me) are looking to have another go at the smartphone market, and see Google's Android OS as the perfect way to do it.

According to Digitimes, the company plans to launch its own Android-powered handset in the first half of 2009.

The sources mentioned believe Asus will release the handset under its own brand name in its native Asia, but may re-brand for 'clients' (i.e. carriers, in the same way HTC has done for T-Mobile) in other territories.


The company has been dabbling with Windows Mobile-powered devices for a few years, but hasn't received anything like the worldwide success of companies like HTC in this segment.

So leveraging its successful Eee brand might be an option, when combined with the low cost, open source Android OS, to help bring its mobile phone products into the view of the world's public.

At any rate, the news that another company wants to produce an Android-powered phone is top news. Come on Samsung, Motorola or LG - get designing!


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