5 reasons why now is a great time to snag a Samsung Galaxy S8 deal

Anticipation was high. Pre-orders were through the roof. More than 5 million have now been sold worldwide. But with initial prices so expensive on the Samsung Galaxy S8, it's no great stretch to imagine that many savvy shoppers remain patiently waiting for prices to begin falling before snagging a deal.

Well the future has arrived. Thanks to a deluge of hot Galaxy S8 deals, now is an ideal time to buy Samsung's latest flagship phone. So if you're looking for excuses to treat yourself to a shiny new toy, we've got five of them for you...

1. You can save £180 with our discount code

Some deals sound way to good to be true, but this ain't one of them. We've managed to bag an extraordinary £180 reduction off the price of the handset, when you get EE's 2GB data deal from Mobiles.co.uk. Enter our exclusive TR180S8 code at the checkout to bring the cost of the handset down to £120, and then your monthly payments after that are a very reasonable £27.99 a month.

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2. It's getting as cheap as the iPhone 7

Having been on the market for around 6 months longer than the S8, it's no surprise that some of the iPhone 7 deals we're seeing are more competitively priced than Samsung's - with plenty of deals now coming in under £800 over the course of the two year contract.

But a blistering new deal courtesy of e2save gives the Galaxy S8 the exact same treatment. You get a very generous 6GB of data every month for a mere £27 per month, after paying £150 for the handset. That's plenty for streaming Spotify and downloading podcasts away from Wi-Fi. And you also get O2 Priority rewards for cheap lunches, free coffees and first dibs on gig tickets.

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3. There's still half a year until Black Friday

Forgive us. We know that mentioning Black Friday in June is akin to playing Christmas tunes in October or picking up a bag of Creme Eggs on your way to a New Year's Eve party. But let's face facts, even with almost six months to go, a lot of people out there will have circled November 24 as the time to buy their new smartphone.

And yes, the savings can be phenomenal. But with deals like the two above now coming to the market, there's less and less reason to wait for the Autumn.

4. The Galaxy Note 8 is still a way off

Ok, so the Galaxy Note 7 was a disaster. We know that. Let's move on. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be with us by the end of the year to wipe the slate clean.

But that's no good to you if you need a phone now. The latest rumours we have of the Note 8's release date is sometime in August - a good couple of months away. So if you want to buy the latest, greatest Samsung mobile RIGHT NOW and don't want to faff around with SIM only deals in the interim, then the Galaxy S8 it is. Especially as...

5. The Galaxy S8 is the best phone in the world!

We've run out of superlatives for the S8, so we've decided to keep it quite simple - it's the very best phone in the world right now, bar none. From its immense screen and super-charged chipset, to its bezel-less design and fantastic camera. A couple of very minor biometric niggles aside, this is everything we could want from a smartphone.

So if you're the kind of person who refuses to accept second best, then we've made your decision very easy for you. It has to be the Galaxy S8.

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