Hail the conquering hero. That's the general gist from early reviews of NVIDIA's Intel chipset, the nForce 680i. But is it true? Well, not quite.

In terms of stock-clocked system performance, this 680i-powered ASUS board can't quite match the best Intel boards. The 450MHz out-of-the-box bus overclock we achieved is likewise a few clicks off the pace.

But that's still enough to crack the 3GHz barrier with a Core 2 chip. Even better, ASUS has bequeathed the P5N32-e with a BIOS option that allows you to adjust DDR memory speeds down to the last MHz and to do so independently of the CPU bus speed.

Add to that some great future proofing, thanks to support for both upcoming 1,333MHz chips and SLI, and the P5N32-e appears to be an extremely compelling package.