9 gift ideas for movie buffs, from Blu-ray discs to smart lights and speakers

A Roku soundbar, Sonos speaker, Amazon Fire TV stick and DVDs in a collage
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With Christmas fast approaching, you’re probably wondering what to buy the movie lover in your life. Your budget doesn’t stretch to one of the best TVs which is fair enough, so what do you do? Never fear – we’ve taken a look at the best TV accessories to entertain your loved one.

While an amazing TV is a core part of that experience, there are plenty of other ways you can enrich the downtime of you or your loved one. That can be as simple as a set of smart lights around your home cinema room to help illuminate matters appropriately or a new streaming stick so you don’t need to use your TV’s lousy built-in method. 

Even watching a new movie that is particularly visually stunning makes a great gift idea. We’ve got a little bit of everything below. We’ve covered a wide range of budgets so there’s sure to be something for your gift buying needs.

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