How to watch The Couple Next Door online: stream new Channel 4 drama from anywhere now

Eleanor Tomlinson as Evie, Sam Heughan as Danny and Jessica De Gouw as Becka in The Couple Next Door
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How to watch The Couple Next Door online

Steamy new drama The Couple Next Door is FREE to watch on Channel 4 in the UK (with a valid TV licence), having started on Monday, November 27. All six episodes are available to binge online now. Away from the UK? Use a VPN to stream Channel 4 from anywhere. US/Canadian fans can watch it on Starz in early 2024.

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Date and Time: All episodes available online now
TV Channel: Channel 4
Watch free: on Channel 4 (free with TV licence)
Use ExpressVPN to unblock Channel 4 from anywhere

The Couple Next Door preview

The Couple Next Door – Channel 4’s new steamy psychological thriller – follows couple Evie (Eleanor Tomlinson, Poldark) and Pete (Alfred Enoch, Harry Potter) as they move to an upmarket neighborhood and start to grow close to neighboring couple Becka (Jessica De Gouw, Underground) and Danny (Sam Heughan, Outlander). 

As the couples' relationship develops, tensions reach boiling point, until a night of sexual entanglement changes their lives forever. Across the street, neighbor Alan (Hugh Dennis, Outnumbered) develops an obsession with Becka, leading his wife Jean (Kate Robbins, After Life) plot her revenge on the peeping tom. 

The Couple Next Door is loosely based on Dutch series New Neighbours, which previously aired on Channel 4's Walter Presents showcase as The Swingers, so some UK audiences may be familiar with the tale. This new adaptation has been written by David Allison (Bedlam) with all episodes directed by Dries Vos (Suspect).

Rounding out the cast, expect to see Benidorm star Janine Duvitski as Gloria alongside Ionna Kimbrook (Wedding Season) as Sophie. Deirdre Mullins (London Kills) plays Lena while Mark Frost (Django) is onboard as Robbie Spencer. 

The reviews for Channel 4's latest have been mixed, but viewers are loving it, with the twists and turns coming thick and fast right up to the finale. 

The Couple Next Door is unmissable drama and is streaming now. Read on for how to watch it for FREE online and from anywhere.

Watch The Couple Next Door for FREE

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How to watch The Couple Next Door online for FREE in the UK

Monday, November 27. Channel 4FREE

The Couple Next Door debuted on Channel 4 on Monday, November 27. All six episodes are available to binge-watch now on the Channel 4 streaming service. It's a completely FREE service (just sign up with an email address and a UK postcode – e.g. SW1P 2TX).

Outside the UK? If you want to catch The Couple Next Door on Channel 4 whilst traveling abroad you'll need to download ExpressVPN, as detailed below.

Prefer to watch without ads? You could opt for a Channel 4 Plus subscription. It costs £3.99 a month, but before you pay a thing, you can try out the 14-day free trial.

The Channel 4 streaming service is available on your laptop, or via apps for the likes of Android, iOS, PS5, Xbox, Roku and Amazon Fire.

Unblock Channel 4 and watch anywhere

How to watch The Couple Next Door online from anywhere

If you’re keen to watch The Couple Next Door online but are headed overseas, you’ll likely encounter annoying geo-restrictions that prevent you from accessing Channel 4 when abroad.

Luckily, getting the best VPN – otherwise known as a virtual private network – offers a simple solution. It alters your IP address to make it appear like you’re somewhere else. While this can be used for privacy, it can also be used to access your preferred streaming platform back home, even when you're out of the country.

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How to use a VPN to watch The Couple Next Door

Three simple steps to using a VPN to watch The Couple Next Door online:

1. Download and install a VPN - we recommend ExpressVPN

2. Connect to the relevant server location - launch the VPN app, click on 'choose location' and select the right location i.e. UK for Channel 4

3. Head to the chosen broadcaster's live stream - in this case, head to the Channel 4 website or app

Watch around the globe

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Watch The Couple Next Door in the USA


US viewers will have to wait a little longer for The Couple Next Door – it's not due to air on Starz until early 2024. 

However, UK nationals traveling in the States can use a VPN to unblock Channel 4 and watch all six episodes of The Couple Next Door from anywhere in the world. We recommend ExpressVPN for this as it's fast, secure, and great at unblocking websites.

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Can I watch The Couple Next Door in Canada?


As in the US, there's no word as to exactly when The Couple Next door will arrive in Canada, but expect to see it land in early 2024. 

However, UK nationals travelling in the Canada can use a VPN to unblock Channel 4 and watch the show from anywhere in the world. We recommend ExpressVPN for this as it's fast, secure, and great at unblocking website.

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Can I watch The Couple Next Door in Australia?

December 1.

Aussies can catch The Couple Next Door on Binge as of December 1.

Starting at AU$10 a month, Binge is very temptingly priced. And what's more, new customers are entitled to a 7-day FREE trial, which means you can try before you buy. 

The Basic plan provides a single stream in SD quality, and you can upgrade to Standard and Premium plans if you want additional streams and better video quality.

You also have the option of Foxtel and Foxtel Now, which offers more of a full package, cable-like experience. Boasting 70+ channels, get the Foxtel Now Essentials Base pack and pay just $25. That way you can watch The Couple Next Door on-demand, or live.

The Couple Next Door episode guide (2023)

The Couple Next Door episode guide

The Couple Next Door was broadcast twice weekly, airing on Channel 4, having started on Monday, November 27 at 9pm GMT. Want to binge the whole series? You can stream all six episodes right now via the FREE Channel 4 streaming service.

Official trailer

The Couple Next Door trailer (2023)

The Couple Next Door: Everything you need to know

Who is in the cast of The Couple Next Door?

  • Eleanor Tomlinson as Evie
  • Sam Heughan as Danny
  • Alfred Enoch as Pete
  • Jessica De Gouw as Becka
  • Hugh Dennis as Alan
  • Kate Robbins as Jean
  • Janine Duvitski as Gloria
  • Ionna Kimbrook as Sophie
  • Deirdre Mullins as Lena
  • Mark Frost as Robbie
  • Andrew Woodall as Brian

What is The Couple Next Door about?

David Allison, writer: "We are not based on the best-selling book The Couple Next Door, to avoid confusion. It is very loosely based on a Dutch series called New Neighbours which was a massive hit in Holland and ran for several series. For a long time, I’ve wanted to find a vehicle to explore the ideas of what suburbia is because I think a lot of us grew up in suburbia. Mine was a bit more down market than this one, but there are interesting unwritten boundaries and rules that everyone understands. So, it’s about a couple moving into this world, who think they understand each other having been in this long-term relationship. For Evie it’s her only real adult long-term relationship. They encounter another couple who completely undermine their understanding of what they think about themselves. For Becka and Danny, it’s about trying to live as you really are in this world that doesn’t want you to be like that. It becomes quite Gothic towards the end."

Dries Vos, Director: "The biggest question is, what happens if you have a fantasy, and you act on that fantasy? And then there’s suburbia and its public surveillance. Everybody is watching each other, everybody’s filming each other, everybody’s having their opinions on everybody. It was always like that, but now I’ve got the feeling that it’s getting bigger and bigger."

Who is Danny?

Actor Sam Heughan (Danny): "He's got a lot of baggage. He comes across in the first few episodes as being quite a good guy. He's a police officer. He's got this beautiful wife and he's got a kid. Everything's just fine. But we begin to realise that underneath it all, there's a lot of secrets that he's keeping. And his relationship with Becka is tested a lot by their situation. They have this slightly open relationship. But it's all played out in some pretty dark places. I think this is a story about love but it's a very strange route that we go through to get to that point."

Who is Becka?

Actor Jessica De Gouw (Becka): "She is a yoga fitness instructor who's married to Danny, a traffic police officer. We live in a beautiful suburb of Leeds, and while everything looks picture-perfect, there's something about them as a couple that feels, particularly for Becka, that they don't fit. They're always wanting to break out of that space and carve a path for themselves that is unique. She's someone who is incredibly upfront and incredibly comfortable with who she is. I thought it was interesting, seeing her push these boundaries and break free of that space, but also within herself having a really strong sense of her identity."

Who is Pete?

Actor Alfred Enoch (Pete): "I would say Pete is conscientious, I think he's committed to his work, and sees there's a social function in it. I suppose on the one hand it's something that gives him fulfilment. On the other hand, it's a source of frustration because he's working at a dying local newspaper and he’s not at the point that he would like to be in his career. Like all the characters, he’s motivated a lot by what’s under the surface. The insecurities, the resentments, the things that maybe aren’t evident at first glance."

Who is Evie?

Actor Eleanor Tomlinson (Evie): "Evie is a complicated soul. She's obviously going through significant grief and I think she's stuck in a rut. She's very curious about exploring herself and exploring boundaries both with her friends and with her partner. She's been with one guy for most of her life. As the series progresses, she finds her confidence and Danny, Sam’s character, and Becka, Jess’ character, bring her out of her shell and show her different routes, different possibilities. We worked on the characters relationships as a cast of four, so that the journey for each character was more complex."

Who is Alan?

Actor Hugh Dennis (Alan): "He's a guy with almost no redeeming features. And he is dark. The briefing notes say he is a ‘Peeping Tom’. But the way I was trying to play him is a man dealing with ageing very badly. It’s what happens as you get older, and most people choose far more sensible routes like taking up drawing [laughs] but his frustration and melancholy turns to bitterness, which made him very interesting to me. He is angry with the fact that life is slipping away from him. It takes a sinister tone as his bitterness is focussed on the people being happy over the other side of the road, so he becomes obsessed with Becka."

The Couple Next Door full episode guide

The Couple Next Door episode 1 - Monday, November 27

Life feels perfect for Evie and her partner Pete - they’re moving into a new house, have a baby on the way and their new neighbours, Becka and Danny look set to become instant friends. But when tragedy strikes, Evie starts to reject her old life and embraces her new friends, especially Danny, who she becomes increasingly attracted to. Pete can’t help but worry about what might have just been unleashed, especially when he discovers that Danny and Becka have a very open relationship.

The Couple Next Door episode 2 - Tuesday, November 28

During a day tri, the chemistry between Evie and Danny is electric, amusing Becka and horrifying Pete. Evie can’t get the tantalising idea of couple swapping out of her head. A desperate Danny gets drawn even further into illegal operations, but a routine job soon takes a horrifying turn. Elsewhere, Alan’s obsession with Becka grows after he violates her privacy even further.

The Couple Next Door episode 3 - Monday, December 4

The sexual tension between the two couples reaches boiling point during a weekend away. Alan’s obsession with Becka escalates further, with devastating consequences.

The Couple Next Door episode 4 - Tuesday, December 5

Pete struggles to process what happened during the spa weekend. Evie conceals a secret. Becka deals with the fallout from the blog post and Danny is given an ultimatum.

The Couple next Door episode 5 - Monday, December 11

An ultimatum from Pete deepens Evie’s obsession with Danny. Danny’s plan to get Spencer out of his life is thwarted by Pete and Sophie’s front page scoop.

The Couple Next Door episode 6 - Tuesday, December 12

As secrets spill out during a violent showdown in the Yorkshire Dales, will Danny and Becka’s relationship finally be destroyed by the couple next door?

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