How to watch Taskmaster season 16 online from anywhere

The cast of Taskmaster season 16
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How to watch Taskmaster season 16

New episodes of Taskmaster will go out in that familiar old spot of 9pm on Thursday nights on Channel 4 in the UK, and will be shown on demand on the station's online Channel 4 service which is also available as an app. Away from the UK? Season 16 is set to be shown for free on YouTube, while using a VPN lets you stream Channel 4 from anywhere.

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Premiere: Thursday, September 21 at 9pm BST
Stream free: on Channel 4
Free overseas streaming: on YouTube
Use ExpressVPN to stream 100% risk-free from anywhere

Taskmaster season 16 preview:

From experimental Edinburgh skit, to obscure show on comedy channel Dave, to Channel 4 mainstay, all the way to international TV institution: Taskmaster – the ingenious, hilarious brainchild of Little Alex Horne – is back for its 16th UK series, and we can't wait for the games to begin once again.

As well as the usual array of fiendish puzzles and the love-hate relationship between Horne and co-host Greg Davies, 2023's second run of 10 episodes features five all-new contestants trying to get their hands on the coveted golden Greg trophy.

As ever, the quintet of comedians features well-known and not-so-well-known faces. Julian Clary has been on British TV screens for over three decades, while Sue Perkins is instantly recognizable as a previous host of the likes of The Great British Bake Off, Light Lunch and a litany of documentaries. Through shows such as 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown and Meet the Richardsons, Lucy Beaumont has established herself as one of the UK's favorite funny women.

Susan Wokoma first came to prominence for her side-splitting role in sitcom Chewing Gum, and has plenty of comedy writing credits to her name. Australian Sam Campbell is likely to be this season's dark horse, although his off-kilter standup has already won him the main prize at last year's Edinburgh Festival.

It's looking like the perfect recipe for another tasty Taskmaster pie. Read our guide below for how to watch Taskmaster season 16 online, with FREE ways to stream all over the world.

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How to watch Taskmaster online for FREE in the UK

Channel 4

The new series of Taskmaster starts on Channel 4 on Thursday, September 21 at 9pm BST. It's a 10-episode run, with editions going out at the same time each Thursday.

It’s completely free to watch live or on-demand through the Channel 4 streaming service – although you should have a valid TV licence if you plan to watch live. All 15 previous series are available to watch on the platform, too.

The Channel 4 streaming service is available on your laptop, or via apps for the likes of Android, iOS, PS4, Xbox, Roku and Amazon Fire.

Outside the UK? To access Channel 4 from abroad, you'll need to download a good VPN, as detailed below.

How to watch Taskmaster UK online outside your country

If you’re keen to watch the UK version of Taskmaster online on Channel 4 but are off on holiday or abroad for business, then you can watch on YouTube (details below). But there may be areas on the planet where you still encounter annoying geo-restrictions that prevent you from watching.

Luckily, getting the best VPN – short for virtual private network – offers a simple solution. It alters your IP address to make it appear like you’re somewhere else. While this can be used for privacy, it can also be used to access your preferred streaming platform back home, even when you're out of the country.

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How to use a VPN to watch Taskmaster

You can use a VPN to watch Taskmaster online from overseas in three simple steps:

1. Download and install a VPN – we rate ExpressVPN as the very best you can get.

2. Connect to the relevant server location – launch the VPN app, click on 'choose location' and select the right location i.e. UK for Channel 4.

3. Head to broadcaster's live stream – in this case, head to the Channel 4 website or app.

Where else can I watch Taskmaster online for free?

announced on the Taskmaster YouTube channel

There's sensational news for anybody living outside the UK who wants to watch the latest run of Taskmaster. It's been announced on the Taskmaster YouTube channel that season 16 episodes will be shown for FREE on YouTube the day after they're aired on Channel 4.

The post says that they will be available in North America and "lots of other places", so you can get yourself over to the Taskmaster channel from Friday, September 22 to see if the latest episode is there in your corner of the globe.

If, however, you head to YouTube and find that it's blocked in the region you live (probably for rights reasons), then you'll need to go via the VPN route as described above.

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