Tired of dropping needles? These luxury artificial Christmas trees are less than half price at Amazon right now

The National Tree Company Dunhill Fir models
(Image credit: Future / The National Tree Company)

Artificial Christmas trees are a controversial subject, but it’s hard to deny the convenience of a water-less, needle-less, entirely self-sufficient centerpiece for your holiday-ready home.

Naturally, you’ll pay a premium for those artificial trees that look like they’ve been plucked straight from Santa’s grotto, but if you plan ahead – as in, a whole year ahead – you can pick up an uber-realistic model for much, much less than you otherwise would do in the run-up to December.

Right now, for instance, the National Tree Company’s all-singing, all-dancing Dunhill Fir model is less than half price at Amazon. You can currently pick up the 6.5-foot model for just $199.48 (down from $399.99), the 7.5-foot model for $226.99 (down from $469.99), or the absolutely ginormous 9-foot model – if you’re ready to go all Kim Kardashian on your living room – for a mere $406 (down from $959.99).

All three variants come with a durable stand and white lights – if you go for the 9-foot model, you’ll get a whopping 900 long-lasting LEDs – so you needn’t worry about adding a string of expensive tree lights to your Amazon basket when purchasing. Two of the three Dunhill Fir models listed above will arrive in time for Christmas this year, too, which is good news for those mega-traditional folk who like to leave things to the last minute.

Otherwise, judging by the enthusiasm of countless five-star reviewers (who no doubt paid more for their Dunhill Fir), we think these "beautiful" artificial trees are absolutely worth considering ahead of next year's holiday season.

Today's best artificial Christmas tree deals

National Tree Company Dunhill Fir Artificial Tree
6.5ft: $399.99$199.48 at Amazon
7.5ft:$469.99$226.99 at Amazon9ft:$959.99$406 at Amazon

National Tree Company Dunhill Fir Artificial Tree
was $399.99 now $199.48 at Amazon
was $469.99 now $226.99 at Amazon
9ft: was $959.99 now $406 at Amazon
Hear ye! Hear ye! Save up to $554 on a Christmas tree! Okay but seriously, if you're debating whether to switch to an artificial tree next year, there's no better time to make that investment than right now. Amazon has every variant of the National Tree Company's Dunhill Fir model available for less than half price right now, and if you wait until next Christmas to take the artificial plunge, you could find yourself paying over $500 ($500!) more.

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