The Kindle Scribe is one of my favorite tablets and it's at an all-time low price for Prime Day

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The Amazon Kindle Scribe is a great eInk tablet for reading and writing, and it's gotten even better since it was originally launched. Now, Amazon Prime Day deals are dropping this tablet to its lowest price, and if you've even considered adding this big, beautiful display to your portfolio, it's worth checking out this deal.

The Amazon Kindle Scribe is not the best writing tablet in any one area, but it excels all around. Even though it's packed with features and includes the basic pen, it is still one of the more affordable eInk writing tablets, and that was before this great Prime Day tablet deal dropped the price from $339.99 to $254.99.

Yeah, the pricing is weird, and there are a bunch of bundles to sift through, but unlike competitor Remarkable and many more expensive traditional (not eInk) tablets, including the best iPads, Amazon actually gives you a pen with your new Kindle Scribe.

Amazon Kindle Scribe E-ink writing tablet

If you need more templates, buy a book you can write in (Image credit: Future / Philip Berne)

You probably won't need more storage than the basic 16GB, since you can synchronize your books and send along your notes rather than storing everything on the Scribe forever. If you plan on traveling or using the tablet for extensive doodling, the upgrade is still a great price.

My review unit came with the leather cover and premium pen, and the entire bundle works nicely together if you decide to spring for the premiere package. Amazon is somehow one of the few writing tablet makers to give you a holster for your pen built into the case. Seriously, most other tablets just let the pen hang off the side, attached by magnets and prayer.

The Kindle Scribe keeps getting better

The best thing about the Kindle Scribe is that Amazon has been improving it steadily since it launched less than a year ago. In my original review, I lamented the lack of background templates and pen options. Amazon recently added a number of new pen styles with varying thicknesses.

You can also now buy journals and templates from the Kindle book store that let you write directly on a book, a feature high on my wishlist. It's limited to self-help journals and crossword puzzles and the like, but that still gives you tons more options for writing templates and doodling.

Amazon Kindle Scribe E-ink writing tablet

Great for catching up on the books you didn't read in college (Image credit: Future / Philip Berne)

Even if you don't plan on doing much writing, the Kindle Scribe is still the biggest and maybe the best Kindle, if you need the larger page. The screen is just as sharp as a smaller Kindle Paperwhite, making it even sharper than an iPad display for reading and text.

This Prime Day deal is $35 cheaper than the best price we've seen on the Kindle Scribe, and it's unlikely prices will drop further, as most competitor eInk writing tablets are already much more expensive than Amazon's offering. Jump on this deal if you want the best reading and writing to go.

Prime Day deal - Amazon Kindle Scribe at its lowest-ever price

Amazon Kindle Scribe: $339.99now $254.99

Amazon Kindle Scribe: was $339.99 now $254.99
The Kindle Scribe is more than just a Kindle, it adds writing and journaling capabilities to a humongous ereader display. In many ways, it's the best Kindle yet, and it's pretty new, so it hasn't been on sale very often. This Prime Day deal is the best price we've seen on the Amazon Kindle Scribe, dropping it $35 from its all-time low. Even if you don't care about writing, the Kindle Scribe is worth checking out if you just want a much bigger screen to read your Kindle book library.  

Amazon Kindle Scribe: £329.99now £254.99

Amazon Kindle Scribe: was £329.99 now £254.99
The Kindle Scribe is the best journaling and writing tablet that you can buy, and it's more affordable than most of the competition. It even comes with its own pen, which many eInk writing tablets lack. If you have a Kindle book library and you want to read on a big screen, or if you're looking to combine your reading with some writing and doodling, check out this Kindle Scribe deal.   

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