Don't miss this Ninja air fryer at its lowest-ever price this Prime Day

Ninja Air Fryer 3.8L deal Amazon Prime Day
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Ninja air fryers are among the most sought-after kitchen appliances year-round, making them some of the most exciting finds in the Amazon Prime Day deals – and you can save up to 50% on several models this week if you've got an Amazon Prime subscription.

Ninja makes some of the best air fryers available, with their high-end models offering speedy cooking times, even results and some pretty neat features like synchronized dual-cook trays. While it was looking quiet at first for avid Ninja deal-hunters this Prime Day, we've now spotted a fantastic deal on a brilliant model that we've previously reviewed and rated highly.

There are quite a few fantastic Prime Day air fryer deals this year, but I'd say that this particular deal – which has the small-yet-mighty Ninja Air Fryer (3.8L) at its lowest-ever price and discounted by a whopping 50% – is one of the best, even if the air fryer in question is a few years old. 

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Prime day deal – 50% off a best-selling Ninja air fryer

Ninja Air Fryer, 3.8L: £149.99£74.99 at Amazon

Ninja Air Fryer, 3.8L: was £149.99 now £74.99 at Amazon
While on the more petite size in terms of capacity, Ninja's entry-level air fryer still does the job well. In our 4-star Ninja Air Fryer AF100UK review, we liked how compact this fryer was compared to some of the bulkier models available, but appreciated that it didn't skimp out on results, producing evenly cooked, crispy and delicious meals. Best of all, with 50% off its list price, this is the cheapest we've ever seen this model on sale for.

I've used air fryers from the likes of Instant, Cuisinart, and Cosori, and while they've all had their strengths, Ninja is the champion when it comes to consistency, design, and performance.

Ninja air fryers can be pretty tricky to get a hold of at times, with newer models in particular selling out fast on release, so I'm always happy to see a good deal on a slightly older model – even if it is only by a few years.

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