Vodafone's latest half-price SIM-only deal is a cheap way to get 150GB of data

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One of the best SIM-only deals we've spotted today is perfect for anyone seeking plenty of data at an affordable price, which, OK, is pretty much everyone at this point.

Currently, you can get a 150GB plan at Vodafone for £12.50 for the first six months – before it rises to £25 from month seven onwards. The plan is a 24-month contract and offers unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, and that all-important 150GB data allowance. 

If you’ve already got a phone you love and just want to add a SIM to it, this is a very good value proposition. It works out as a saving of £75, with the full 24-month contract costing £507, or the equivalent of just over £21 per month. That's reasonably cheaper than similar contracts at a lot of other budget networks.

Today’s best Vodafone SIM-only deal

Vodafone Red 150GB SIM-only plan: £12.50 for the first six months – then £25 per month

Vodafone Red 150GB SIM-only plan: £12.50 for the first six months – then £25 per month
This is a big saving on a huge amount of data from a major UK phone network. It has 5G coverage in over 318 UK towns and cities, with at least 344 roaming locations across parts of the EU. It's generally a highly respected and award-winning network that even works in some obscure parts of the UK – as I’ve found on my ‘off the beaten path’ wanders. 150GB of data means you’re all set throughout the month whether you’re streaming music and videos or simply catching up on WhatsApp.

Buying a new SIM-only contract is rarely the most exciting of things to do but it’s necessary given how dependent we are on our phone. Generally, it works out as better value to buy one of the best phones outright and pairing it was a SIM-only contract, which is why the Vodafone 150GB Red plan is worth signing up for.

With 150GB of data, you should be all set for whatever you have planned. Previously, Three determined that customers use about 30GB of data per month on average so five times as much is perfect. 

It should mean an average of 45 hours of high-quality video streaming with more music listening and a near-never-ending amount of social media time. Crucially, you’ll likely be connected to Wi-Fi from time to time so it’s simply nice to have the backup of so much data.

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