Samsung Unpacked 2023: everything that was announced at the Galaxy Z Fold 5 event

Four Samsung devices from Samsung Unpacked 2023
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Well, that's it for another Samsung Unpacked event – and if you're a fan of foldables, smartwatches and tablets, the July 2023 edition certainly delivered. 

Well, it delivered lots of new tech in each of those departments, at least. Whether the Z Flip 5 and Watch 6 Classic are any good or not is something you can discover in our hands-on reviews. 

And we have lots of those – from our hands-on Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 review to our hands-on Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 review, plus our early Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 review and early Samsung Watch 6 Classic review.

Hands holding a range of Samsung devices announced at the Samsung Unpacked 2023 event

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In the market for a tablet instead? There's also our hands-on Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 review and initial Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra review for you to check out. Spoiler alert: despite the high price tags, we're pretty impressed with both. 

This Samsung Unpacked July 2023 event was the second time this year that the tech giant has thrown a gadget party. The last Galaxy Unpacked 2023 event saw the arrival of the Galaxy S23 family of phones, which includes our pick for the best phone overall, the Galaxy S23 Ultra

But if you're after a quick rundown of everything that was announced in this second Unpacked of the year, you're in the right place – here's everything we saw revealed on Samsung's home turf of Seoul, South Korea...

How can I re-watch Samsung Galaxy Unpacked July 2023?

The July 2023 edition of Samsung Unpacked is now over. But if you missed it and fancy catching all of the announcements as they happened, it's possible to re-watch the livestream below.

Alternatively, if you're more of a reader than a watcher, head to our Samsung Unpacked live blog, where you can read all of our reactions to the announcements as they happened.

What did Samsung announce at the Galaxy Unpacked July 2023?

As expected, foldables were the stars of Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2023, with the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5.

But it wasn't just about folding phones, as we also saw the arrival of the three new tablets, plus two Galaxy smartwatches. Here's the full list of everything that was announced...

1. Galaxy Z Fold 5

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 bring held in a hand and typed on

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The Galaxy Z Fold 5 doesn't look that different from its predecessor, and it did get the year-on-year upgrades we expected. The design has an improved hinge that lets the two halves close shut, similar to the way the Motorola Razr Plus closes.

Inside, there's a new Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, similar to what the Galaxy S23 uses. Our hands-on Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 review says that the phone makes "a number of small but important updates to pull the Galaxy Z Fold 5 within shooting distance of its nearest rival, the Google Pixel Fold".

A table of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5's new features

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2. Galaxy Z Flip 5

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 phone sitting in some grass

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The Galaxy Z Flip 5's biggest improvement is removing the gap in its folding clamshell design, which is a subtle but important bit of added polish. Combine this with a larger and more flexible cover display and you have what's surely one of the best clamshell phones you can buy.

Or is it? Our hands-on Samsung Galaxy Flip 5 review expected some more improvements, stating that "with the display, battery and camera tech barely changed compared to its predecessor though, is there enough here to impress?". The top-tier performance and long-term software certainly help, but we were hoping for a bigger upgrade on the Z Flip 4.

A table showing the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5's new features

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3. Galaxy Tab S9, Tab S9 Plus, Tab S9 Ultra

Three Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 tablets

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As expected, Samsung delivered a new Galaxy Tab S9 family of tablets at Unpacked, including a papa bear Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra and mama bear Tab S9 Plus. The last Galaxy Tab S8 family was launched almost a year and a half ago in February, 2022, so the upgrades are certainly welcome.

The big news is that the even the base model Galaxy Tab S9 now offers a brighter, AMOLED screen. Alongside the Tab S9 Plus, both tablets also offer faster processors and more RAM options than their predecessors. But as our hands-on Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 review states, "these upgrades come hand-in-hand with a host of unwelcome price increases".

A table showing the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 series' new features

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4. Galaxy Watch 6

A range of Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 watches sitting on a table

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Prior to Samsung Unpacked, we hadn't actually seen many leaks for the Galaxy Watch 6. But the smartwatch did make its debut alongside the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic (complete with rotating bezel), bringing a range of improvements on its predecessor.

These include an updated processor and RAM, plus new health features including a high-heart-rate alert and fall detection. As our hands-on Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 review concludes, "it's well-designed, and shines when teamed with a Samsung phone, but we’re sure that battery life will prove an issue once again". More on that when we get to give it a full review soon.

A table showing the new features of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 series

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