Leaked Samsung Galaxy S24 renders tease iPhone 15 Pro-style frame

Samsung Galaxy S23 on a blue background
The Samsung Galaxy S23 (Image credit: Future / Samsung)

So far, the majority of rumors surrounding Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S24 series have concerned the inevitably pricey Galaxy S24 Ultra, but a new leak has seemingly revealed the design of the standard Samsung Galaxy S24, specifically.

Based on detailed renders shared by @OnLeaks and SmartPrix, the Galaxy S24 – which is expected to launch early next year – could arrive boasting flatter sides and markedly thinner bezels than its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S23. The latter phone’s slightly rounded edges will reportedly remain, however, which should make the Galaxy S24 easier to hold and pick up from flat surfaces.

In our book, these are welcome design changes. But there’s a rather large elephant in the room: if these renders prove accurate, then the Galaxy S24 will look an awful lot like Apple’s newly released iPhone 15 Pro. At least one model in the Galaxy S24 lineup is rumored to feature titanium sides, too, so Samsung’s next standard flagship (if not only the S24 Ultra) could also boast similar durability credentials to Apple’s best iPhones.

Samsung Galaxy S24 render

A 3D render of the Samsung Galaxy S24 (Image credit: @OnLeaks / SmartPrix)

Luckily (for the anti-Apple brigade), the rear of the Galaxy S24 looks set to remain noticeably Samsung-like. Per these new renders, the phone’s three rear cameras will be arranged in the same way as they are on the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Plus. Rumors suggest that the cameras themselves will remain unchanged, too: so, expect the Galaxy S24 to sport a 50MP wide lens, a 12MP ultra-wide lens and a 10MP f2.4 telephoto lens (with 3x optical zoom).

The phone’s display, however, is reportedly in line for a slight change. According to @OnLeaks, the Galaxy S24’s screen will measure 6.17 inches – up from 6.1 inches on the Galaxy S24 – which will make the phone taller and narrower than its predecessor. Interestingly, we’ve also heard that next year’s iPhone 16 Pro will be taller and narrower than the iPhone 15 Pro, so perhaps Apple and Samsung are not-so-secretly trading upgrades with one another (we’re joking, of course).

iPhone 15 Pro

The Galaxy S24's frame looks remarkably similar to that of the iPhone 15 Pro (above) (Image credit: Future / Lance Ulanoff)

Other rumored upgrades for the Galaxy S24 include a faster Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, although we’ve also heard that the phone – like the Galaxy S22 – might ship with an Exynos chipset in certain regions, including Europe. Last year, Samsung was praised for finally bringing Qualcomm chipsets to every Galaxy S23 model, regardless of region. So, we’re hoping that this rumor is bogus, and that the company holds firm by equipping every Galaxy S24 model with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset in 2024 (Samsung’s Exynos chipsets are known for being weaker than their Qualcomm counterparts).

As for when the Galaxy S24 line will launch, rumors suggest that Samsung could hold an announcement event as early as January 18 next year, in a bid to counteract consumer demand for Apple’s new iPhones. Will the tactic work? It remains to be seen, but Samsung is certainly improving its chances by at least making its standard Galaxy S24 look like the mega-popular iPhone 15 Pro.

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