The Samsung Galaxy Ring could land in January, alongside the Galaxy S24

Oura (Third Generation) smart ring
The third-generation Oura smart ring (Image credit: Future)

We’ve been seeing signs of a Samsung Galaxy Ring since October of last year, and now it looks like Samsung’s first smart ring might almost be ready to launch, with an unveiling in January apparently planned.

This is according to @UniverseIce – a leaker with a decent track record – posting on Weibo (via @Tech_Reve), and they claim that the Samsung Galaxy Ring will be unveiled alongside the Samsung Galaxy S24 line up.

In fact, not only will it apparently be unveiled then, but @UniverseIce claims that the Galaxy Ring will be “a star product.” That suggests it might upstage even the Samsung Galaxy S24 line, which would be quite impressive. And it may mean either the Galaxy Ring itself will have a lot going for it, or the Galaxy S24 line will be a modest upgrade on the Samsung Galaxy S23 series.

Lining up with other leaks

If this rumor is right we’ll find out before too long. Of course, we’d take this release date claim with a pinch of salt, but it comes from a reputable source and it lines up with another leak that stated mass production of the Samsung Galaxy Ring might begin in August.

If anything, that could mean the Galaxy Ring is ready to launch before January even, but the niggle is that Samsung might want to get medical device certifications for it, which could take a while.

Based on trademark filings and patents, it’s likely that the Samsung Galaxy Ring will include a heart rate monitor, an electrocardiogram (ECG), and sleep-tracking capabilities. It may also mirror the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 in sporting a step tracker and blood oxygen monitoring capabilities, but we’re not sure about any of that just yet.

Regardless, the Samsung Galaxy Ring will probably be the highest-profile smart ring yet, and a major rival to the likes of the Oura (Generation 3). It could even rank among the best fitness trackers.

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