Verizon's latest deal gets you four iPhone 14 Plus handsets with a plan for just $120/mo

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It's not even Black Friday yet but Verizon has already debuted what's likely to be one of the strongest iPhone deals this year.

For a limited time only, you can bundle in four iPhone 14 Plus handsets alongside a Welcome Unlimited plan for $120. Yep, that's four devices and four unlimited data lines for just $40 per phone. Is it a niche deal? Yes, but it's definitely one of the better options out there for data-hungry families on a budget.

For example, paying for these devices and lines individually would come to around $100 per phone - and that's without paying for the associated perks and options that Verizon's new 'myPlan' system offers. Even though this year's Black Friday deals are just around the corner now, this could be a good option to consider if you're looking to switch out your plan to something more cost-effective.

iPhone 14 Plus deal at Verizon

Apple iPhone 14 Plus: get four devices with an unlimited data plan for $120 per month

Apple iPhone 14 Plus: get four devices with an unlimited data plan for $120 per month
Verizon's latest promotion offers four iPhone 14 Plus handsets for just $40 each - and that's with a line on an unlimited data plan. Yes, the bundled plan is the carrier's more basic 'Unlimited Welcome' tier but this is still an amazing offer. Previously, an iPhone 14 Plus bundled with a single line would have cost close to $100 by itself so you get some incredible savings here.

A pretty awesome family bundle option

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  • No trade-in required
  • Basic unlimited plan tier
  • iPhone 15 Plus is currently a fantastic choice

The plan that's being bundled in the iPhone 14 Plus here is the Welcome Unlimited plan, which is Verizon's more budget-friendly option. In our eyes, it's not the best Verizon plan for most users, but you still get unlimited data, texts, calls, and full access to the Verizon standard 5G network where applicable. The only thing you miss out on is mobile hotspot allowance and 'premium' data; both of which are featured on the pricier Unlimited Plus and Unlimited Ultra plans.

For the device, you get the latest iPhone 14 Plus, which is essentially an upscaled version of the standard iPhone 14. Despite traditionally being one of the least popular devices in the range, last year's Plus model is a fantastic buy in its own right. Not only is it still a powerful device (sharing the same chip as the iPhone 14), but the bigger display and battery make it arguably a more usable device than its smaller sibling. Yes, it's a little dated now since the iPhone 15 has moved on to a 'notchless' design, but it's otherwise very similar to the more recent models.You can check out our full iPhone 14 Plus review if you want to know more about the device. 

If you're interested in waiting it out until November, then we'd also recommend bookmarking our bespoke Black Friday Verizon deals and Black Friday iPhone deals pages, both of which will be regularly updated with plenty more choices.

Also consider...

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Apple iPhone 15 Pro: device plus unlimited plan for $60/mo at Boost Infinite
Here's a pretty awesome iPhone 15 Pro deal that's new for this year. The company behind Boost Mobile has launched a new service specifically for iPhones over at its Boost Infinite site. This promotion offers you a completely unlimited data plan and an iPhone 15 Pro for just $60 per month. That's damn great value by itself but Boost Infinite also guarantees that you'll be able to upgrade to the next model in a year's time free of charge. Since this one isn't tied to the usual trade-in rebates at the major carriers it's one of the best iPhone 15 deals available in regard to barrier to entry. You could also potentially trade in your device elsewhere and then sign up at Boost Infinite with this promotion for even more value.

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