The Google Pixel 9 color options and wallpapers may have just leaked

Google Pixel 8 review camera
The Pixel 8 launched in 2023 (Image credit: Future | Alex Walker-Todd)

With the Google Pixel 8a now out in the world, the next Google phone off the production line should be the Pixel 9 – and we may now know the colors it'll come in, and the wallpapers that will come supplied with the handset.

The wallpaper images have been obtained by Android Authority, and there are 28 in total: you can download and use them now, if you want to give your current phone a bit of Pixel 9 flair while you wait for the next flagship phone from Google.

As Android Authority points out, the wallpapers supplied with the Pixel phones – often developed in partnership with design studios – have always been of a high quality, and this latest batch look pretty eye-catching too.

The theme of these images is apparently "swirling petals", with the description of "a swirling display of abstract florals" attached. No doubt the Pixel 9 will offer AI wallpaper generation capabilities too, just like the latest models.

Color options

Google Pixel 8a in aloe green showing

The Pixel 8a in Aloe green (Image credit: Philip Berne / Future)

According to Android Authority, these wallpapers reveal the colors of the upcoming Pixel 9 series – and they would seem to confirm the existence of three models (as previously rumored) and a new foldable phone (also as previously rumored).

The colors are said to be Jade, Obsidian, Peony, and Porcelain for the Pixel 9, then Hazel, Obsidian, Porcelain, and Rose for the Pixel 9 Pro and Pixel 9 Pro XL, and then Obsidian and Porcelain (or Gold) for the Pixel 9 Pro Fold.

Android Authority notes that these colors are subject to change, or at least their names might be. We've already seen leaked photos of the Pixel 9 in a dark gray shade, which matches with the Obsidian color option listed above.

If Google sticks to the same schedule as last year, then these four Pixel 9 units – including the new larger option – should be showing up around October time. The rumored upgrades include satellite connectivity to catch up with the iPhone.

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