Xbox Series X pre-orders are opening soon, according to Microsoft partner

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It looks like we don't have much longer to wait until we can get our hands on an Xbox Series X pre-order.

Australian telecommunications company Telstra recently messaged customers, who had signed up to get Xbox Series X updates, to say that Xbox Series X pre-orders will "open soon" (via Press Start). 

"You’ve signed up to receive information about the Xbox Series X. Pre-orders for the Xbox Series X with Xbox All Access will open soon. This offer is exclusive to Telstra customers – so you need a postpaid mobile, mobile broadband or home internet service with us."

While the message specifies that Xbox Series X pre-orders on the Xbox All Access subscriptions orders will open soon, it suggests that all Xbox Series X pre-orders could also be available soon. Unless, however, Microsoft will only open early pre-orders for All Access subscribers.

Xbox All Access is a subscription service that sees you pay a monthly cost towards your Xbox console, rather than paying a huge amount of money up front. Xbox All Access is set to be a more affordable option for gamers to pick up an Xbox Series X console, allowing them to pay the console off monthly rather than all at once. Telstra has exclusive rights to Xbox All Access in Australia.

Xbox Series X price on the way?

Xbox Series X pre-orders

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Telstra's message adds fuel to the rumors that Microsoft will reveal the Xbox Series X price at an event in August, with pre-orders likely going live shortly after the announcement. There are also rumors that Microsoft will reveal the more affordable Xbox Series S (codenamed Project Lockhart) during the reveal event.

Microsoft hasn't confirmed this is the case, and currently there is no date for August's Xbox 20/20 stream, but we expect to hear more in the near future. 

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