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Swann adw300
Swann's secret footage is for your eyes only

Point to point is no longer just a term for a day at the races to the more anxious members of the nation's country estates. It also refers to the digital technology used in a £180 wireless security camera and receiver from Swann Communications.

The ADW-300 promises better AV performance along with freedom of interference from both criminals and criminally nosy technophiles. It has a range of over 50m and can be easily hooked up to a VCR or monitor afterwards so you can easily catch up on what you missed in the hall or privet hedge while you were sleeping (or) at work.

The ADW-300 boasts better picture performance than its analogue predecessors – something we at TechRadar have no problem taking Swann's word for following the seismic shift in picture performance we have seen in digital cameras and camcorders in recent years. It automatically switches from recording in colour to black and white (with infrared vision) in low lit situations, such as night or the entire British 'summer'.

Resistance really is pointless

Its second major selling point is its claimed resistance to interference to and from established wireless products such as microwaves and cordless phones, whose burgeoning ranks are now swelled by bluetooth devices, internet routers and others.

But it's secure with a capital 'S' thanks to its mooted encrypted power to resist being tapped into from outsiders bent on fiendish wrongdoing.

Faz Colbhie, Swann Security's UK channel manager, comments: "Recent headlines have been filled with news of thieves intercepting analogue wireless signals as means to peer into the homes and businesses of unsuspecting individuals."

We couldn't bring ourselves to check the Daily Mail to confirm this claim, but a representative of The Truly Paranoid Householder backed it up to the hilt.