Comic-Con 2014 cosplay takes on technology as its new sidekick

5. Robotic Legos

Beam wasn't the only robot found roaming around Comic-Con 2014. Lego had an impressive number of beeping and buzzing master builder creations.

Lego Chopper was by far the most popular, as the the new droid is going to be part of this the Star Wars Rebels animated series later this year.

This life-sized droid is made out of more than 10,000 bricks and includes a rotating head that brought the R2D2 predecessor to life.

Batman's Lego Batcycle was also a big tech-infused hit with just as many pieces to assemble. Everyone at Comic-Con was reminded that while the bike life-sized, it's not meant for you to sit on.

6. Alien Isolation Experience brings out big guns

There were no shortage of fictitious weapons, but one of our favorites found its way to the Alien Isolation Experience booth.

Alien Isolation demo

This guy brought his 'controller' with him

This custom-made Alien gun had an gruesome alien head chomping on the trigger of an approximately 50-inch barrel that lit up in blue.

It really set the tone for the October-bound game that was also on hand and the gun sure as heck would beat the normal pulse rifle Sigourney Weaver carried around.

Xbox cosplay

Microsoft's Atari documentary was shown at Comic-Con

alien cosplay

7. E.T. for Atari finally phones home at Comic-Con

Microsoft's Comic-Con presence included games like Sunset Overdrive, Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Forza Horizon.

However, its documentary about E.T. the Extraterrestrial for Atari 2600 was something we didn't already see at E3 2014.

Atari: Game Over isn't just a feel-good movie about the Spielberg film. It takes a look at the ill-fated game that found its way to a New Mexico landfill in 1983 and was unearthed in April.

This fall-bound Xbox 360 and Xbox One exclusive survived the Xbox Entertainment Studios layoffs and is perfectly timed with the similarly themed Angry Video Game Nerd the Movie.

Expect even more tech this time next year at Comic-Con 2015 considering the popularity of Oculus Rift. Sony's Project Morpheus may be ready in time.

Likewise, more wearables are predicted for the next several months leading up to CES 2015. That means people dressing up with even more tech-focused cosplay.

Matt Swider