CES 2015: news and reviews from the biggest tech show of the year

CES 2015
See you at CES 2016!

Update: Catch TechRadar's final video of CES 2015 below, in which Patrick, Joe, Marc and Matt talk the highs, lows and the ludicrous of the biggest tech show of the year.

Catch the last flight out of Las Vegas, folks, because that's a wrap!

CES is officially over, and to find out the highs, lows and no-shows of the Vegas tech-festivus, read our Week in Tech breakdown. From LG to Kodak to HDR, there's plenty to digest.

Plus, TechRadar editors Patrick Goss, Joe Osborne, Marc Chacksfield and Matt Swider got together to put a neat wrapper on CES 2015 - on camera. Check out their impressions and banter below (and let us know what you thought of this year's big show in the comments):

Before we completely close the books on CES 2015, catch up some more news and hands on reviews as well as our best videos from Sin City. And don't forget to check out our CES 2015 Staff Picks, what we (and you) deemed the top tech at this year's show.

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