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Talk about a Kodak moment; the photography firm is set to launch an Android phone at CES 2015. It doesn't end there - after Kodak reveals the handset, built by Bullitt, it plans to announce a 4G phone, a tablet and a connected camera later in 2015.

The new phone will let users "take great pictures and edit, share, store and print them in an instant," and it supposedly looks sleek as well (not like what you see below).

Will you snap it up?


Details are few and far between for Sharp, but an invitation to the company's January 5 keynote is something, at least.

The firm's presser kicks off at 9 am PT and is titles "Life Inspiring Imagination." What will we see there? The surest bet is TVs, but perhaps Sharp will have a few surprises up its sleeves?


As it did for CES 2014, Nvidia is going early with a press conference schedule for January 4 at 8 pm PT. It's here CEO Jen-Hsun Huang will unveil new mobile and automotive technologies, which is pretty much what we got the last time around.

Nvidia processor

Does the next great processor await?

We're likely in for the company's latest and greatest processor post-Tegra K1, and it's interesting to see that Nvidia's auto obsession continues beyond last CES.

Valve and other Steam Machine makers

About the only thing you can expect from Valve is that it won't be at CES 2015, despite having a huge presence during the 2014 campaign.

The Portal maker informed TechRadar it won't be attending CES in the New Year, saving its Steam Machine mojo for March's GDC 2015.

Steam Machine

We could be in for a dearth of gaming machines

Although the progenitor behind the Steam Machine movement is sitting this CES out, other companies like Alienware, Maingear and Gigabyte could be present to show off their PC-gaming-in-the-living-room wares. We haven't heard anything definite, but we don't expect CES 2015 to be totally Steam Machine silent.


Yes, a car maker makes the cut, in this case Hyundai and its new Display Audio system. The infotainment system is due to be showcased at CES 2015. What really sets Hyundai's solution apart is it works with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. We're intrigued to see how it performs given the system's almost complete dependance on a user's phone - everything from music streaming to remote start to maintenance alerts all emanate from your mobile.

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