Welcome to TechRadar’s World Cup season: tech and the beautiful game

There is always electricity in the air when it is a World Cup year. The build up, the hype, the injured players, the team sheets, the sticker collections… everything culminates into what is a tournament of 32 teams fighting it out over four weeks to become the greatest in the world. 

Sports and technology have always gone hand in hand, and over the course of 30 articles and four weeks, TechRadar, in association with Honor, will bring you all you need to know about football and technology. 

From understanding how the entire infrastructure of the greatest show on earth works, to the wearables the players and everyone else is wearing to make sure their football is the best it can be, TechRadar’s World Cup hub is the place for tech lovers and football fans alike. 

Throughout the next month we will be updating this very page with all the fantastic articles we have lined up to celebrate the World Cup. So, bookmark and every day you will learn something new.

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How football is turning to videogames to stay relevant

Football is looking more and more to videogames to get inspiration. This is mostly seen in the way football is shown on television but it can also be witnessed in numerous other ways on and off the pitch. Here's how gaming is being used to future proof the beautiful game.  

The Netflix Originals World Cup: which is the greatest show of them all?

Just like the World Cup, we pitched 64 Netflix Original TV shows against each other to see which one is the greatest of all time. The results are in and this is how the action took place. 

Football tracking tech: how to improve your game

This is the technology that will make you a better footballer. From balls that track the way you kick them to wearables that help you modify your game for the better, this is the ultimate guide to tracking tech and how it can and will improve your game.

Instant replay: the best apps to use while watching the World Cup

We're nearing the end of the World Cup but there's still some crucial games to go. This feature explains everything you need to know about watching all the football action and, more importantly, rewatching it - given there's 64 matches to get through, you may be some time.

Camera gear of the World Cup 2018: what the pros are using in Russia

The action in Russia isn't just being recorded for our pleasure - there will be some iconic still shots, too. These are being made by some brilliant photographers but this article focuses on the kit they are using to make sure the World Cup will be one to remember.

World Cup of football apps: the best footie apps and games to download today

There's many a football app and game available for your phone. But which one is the best? This is our in-depth look at the best football apps around right now - and crown one lucky app the eventual winner.

Wearables of the World Cup: what the referees, players and managers are sporting

Wearables are playing an important part in the World Cup, on and off the pitch. This feature charts the wearables that are being used to improve the beautiful game, while delivering stats and useful information that may help shape the game for years to come. 

Golden boots: the extraordinary evolution of football footwear

The latest football boots are made out of material that belongs up in space. But it wasn't always this way. This feature charts the history of football boots and the great innovative ways manufacturers have found to improve how a ball is kicked. 

What is VAR? The controversial star of World Cup 2018 decoded

Video Assistant Referees are present in the World Cup and are making decisions that win matches. The technology has been a controversial addition to football and it hasn't exactly been the most accurate system. Here's everything you need to know.

The technology and equipment needed to film the 2018 World Cup

What does it take to make sure all 64 games of the World Cup are filmed, beamed to potentially a billion people worldwide and all in pristine 4K. Well, quite a lot actually - here's what's happening behind the scenes.

Fantastic virtual reality games that could turn you into a football pro

Virtual reality is the closest thing you are going to get to a football pitch, without rocking up on one with football boots on. These games are a fantastic alternative to playing the beautiful game - and offer up some of the best VR experiences around. 

Ultimate set-top boxes for World Cup recordings

We all want to watch ALL of the World Cup action, but sometimes life just gets in the way. Never fear, though, as these set-top boxes mean you will never miss a kick of the ball.

World Cup watch: how to get the perfect TV picture for watching sport

Ultimate tips for getting the best out of your television when watching this summer of sport. No matter if you aren't into the World Cup - shock! Horror! - this feature helps you dig into your TV's settings and get it ready for whatever sport takes your fancy.

The World Cup and 5G: the trials you need to know about

5G isn't a big feature at this year's World Cup but it is a technology that's set to revolutionise the way we watch the beautiful game - both at home and in the stadium. This fantastic feature takes a look at everything that's happening in this burgeoning field right now. 

World Cup watch: a hat trick of TVs to enjoy the football on

The World Cup is on and needs to be seen on the best screen possible. Here we choose three televisions that have everything you need to watch the World Cup in style and, more importantly, in 4K. 

The World Cup Of fitness tech: technology you need to stay healthy

Watching the World Cup and want to be as fit as those running up and down the pitch? Then this is the feature for you - here we showcase the best apps and wearables to make sure that your fitness levels are up there with the likes of Messi and co... well, we try at least.

World Cup 2018 predictions with Big Data: who is going to win what and when?

Everyone has an opinion on who will win the World Cup, but Big Data companies may well hold the actual answer. TechRadar speaks to a number of the biggest statisticians and they have come up with the teams they think they are going to win - and for good reason. 

Ultimate World Cup 2018 opening ceremony: holograms and ball-kicking bots

This is what we really wanted to see at the World Cup ceremony, instead of Robbie Williams flicking the bird and some random dancing. It would have been much better if we have football-playing robots, holograms and more. 

Score! Oculus Venues brings live World Cup matches to VR viewers in the US

You can watch the World Cup in virtual reality in the US, thanks to Oculus and its new Oculus Venues app. Download the app and you will be allowed to four free-to-watch games, including England vs Panama on June 24.

You can now download the BBC Sport VR: FIFA World Cup app

The BBC Sport FIFA World Cup virtual reality app is now live, allowing you to watch all 33 games the BBC is showing, and highlights, in VR. It's available on Android, iOS, Gear VR, and it is also available on PlayStation VR.

Hisense's AI TV will make you an armchair World Cup expert

TechRadar is at CES Asia 2018, where we spoke to Hisense about its World Cup ambitions and how it is using AI in its TVs to make sure that when you watch the football, you get the best possible experience. Also, in certain countries you will be able to access 4K World Cup action from a dedicated app on its televisions.

Ultimate World Cup home entertainment setup: the AV tech you need to buy

The World Cup is the best time to buy a new bit of kit, there's plenty of bargains around to make sure you watch the beautiful game in the best way possible. Here we outline some key bits of technology that you need to purchase before kick-off.

Satellites and microchips: the surprising tech behind the World Cup ball

The latest World Cup ball by Adidas has a surprising amount of technology inside - including NFC functionality. But it's space where it's gotten the most of its inspiration. This article takes a look at what goes into making a World Cup ball and the history of making balls for the greatest show on Earth.

Google is now ready for your World Cup searches

Google is going big on the World Cup this year, using its search power to offer up a number of ways to track what's going on in the tournament. Here we explain everything that's going on. 

Get match fit: the best apps for working out ahead of World Cup 2018

It’s too late for you to get the call for a place in your 2018 World Cup national squad of choice but you do have a little bit of time to make sure that you have dropped a little bit of the flab in time for the end of the tournament! This feature tells you how to do, with apps and technology helping out.

World Cup of sports games: cast your vote for the ultimate franchise of all time

This is the ultimate World Cup games showcase. Here TechRadar pits 16 of gaming's most beloved franchises but there can only be one winner. Whether it's FIFA or PES, Football Manager or Tony Hawk is completely up to you - as you vote to see which one is the winner. 

Best TVs for sport: catch all the action on these World Cup ready televisions

With the 2018 FIFA World Cup happening, there's no better time to get your home prepared for the onslaught of sporting action headed your way this year. This is our ultimate guide.

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World Cup in 4K: the best ways to catch the action in Ultra HD

The World Cup really should be a brilliant showcase of 4K content the world over, but few broadcasters are actually showing the matches in Ultra HD. This is a fantastic breakdown of how to watch the World Cup in the best quality possible.

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How to watch the FIFA World Cup finals

The World Cup is finally here and no matter where you are in the world, we've got the best ways you can watch the tournament. Whether it's on TV, streaming or on your laptop - this is how you can keep track of everything that is happening in the World Cup. 

Around the World Cup in 32 VR adventures

You may not have tickets to the tournament itself, but don't let that bother you: with a VR headset, you can explore the wonders of every nation taking part in this year's World Cup, as Becca Caddy explains.

The World Cup in motion: the infrastructure behind the greatest show on earth

From how the transport links will work to the cybersecurity that's in place to make sure nothing goes awry, Jamie Carter delves into just what needs to happen before a ball has been kicked.

The BBC Sport App

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World Cup 2018 on the go: the best apps to watch the action

Kick off the Summer season of football in the best way with these apps for your smartphone or tablet. This selection of apps will make sure you don't miss a minute of World Cup action.

TechRadar’s World Cup of Computers: it's all kicking off

If Pele was a processor... this light-hearted article looks at some of the best computers the world has seen and pits them against each other. Who wins might surprise you.

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