You can now download the BBC Sport VR: FIFA World Cup app

The BBC Sport FIFA World Cup virtual reality app is now live, allowing you to watch all 33 games the BBC is showing, and highlights, in VR. 

Making sure it has all its bases covered, the Beeb has launched the app on Android, iOS, Gear VR, and it will soon be available on PlayStation VR later today.

If you download and go into the app before any of the games have started then you will only be able to access the lobby. As soon as the tournament starts proper, though, you will get full access to your own private box - unfortunately, it looks like virtual prawn sandwiches haven't been included. 

When a live game is on and you dip into the VR app, then you will have even more freedom to move around the viewing area and look out onto the pitch. You will also be able to see the two spots behind each goal.

VR ya? VR ya?

We're not sure how many people will view a full game in virtual reality but it's great to see the BBC use this technology to enhance its coverage - it will start filling up the app with highlights as well, once more games have begun. 

The BBC is also trialing 4K iPlayer streams but this is only for a certain number of viewers and are limited to the following TVs and set-top boxes. Here's hoping by Euro 2020, there will be fully fledged 4K content available for all 4K TVs. 

Don't fret, though, as TechRadar has a guide as to where and when you can watch the World Cup in 4K.

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Marc Chacksfield

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