TechRadar survey shows rise of the machines is not there yet

Wearables, the next frontier

There's more smartphones in the UK than there are inhabitants so it shouldn't come as a surprise that the overwhelming majority of us carry or interact with one or more electronic devices.

A TechRadar survey shows that most of our readers (nearly 90%) use three or more electronic devices on any given day with four being the average.

Electronic devices for the purpose of the survey included smartphones, tablets, wearables and any personal piece of electronics that a consumer would use.

Four doesn't seem an incredibly large number given how gadgets have taken over lives and it is likely that this number will go up given the rising popularity of wearables.

More than four and a half thousands TechRadar readers have participated in that survey.

The question for that survey was suggested by Lenovo's CTO, Peter Hortenius, during a recent interview.

This survey was carried out in the wake of the launch of Windows 10 which happened last week. You can read our Windows 10 review and our ongoing coverage of Windows 10.

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Desire Athow
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