Walmart, Flipkart, PhonePe to aid India's fight against Covid-19 surge

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As the going gets tough in India due to the Covid-19 resurgence, corporates are coming out in a big way to help mitigate the situation.

Today, Flipkart, and its parent entity, Walmart announced that they are mobilising their global resources to help in India's battle against the Corona spread.

Walmart, Walmart Foundation, Flipkart and PhonePe along with Walmart's Global Technology and Sourcing hubs are joining forces to help India counter oxygen shortage, support the vaccination drive as well as donate to organisations.

Walmart Foundation to donate $2 million

Walmart businesses worldwide are working together to procure oxygen concentrators and other equipment. The company will donate up to 20 oxygen-generating plants and 20 cryogenic containers for oxygen storage and transportation. It will also donate more than 3,000 oxygen concentrators and 500 oxygen cylinders for delivery of oxygen assistance to patients at homes or hospitals. These will be donated to hospitals and NGOs for distribution, a press statement from Flipkart said.

"We are working hard to combine Walmart’s global capabilities and Flipkart’s distribution network to ensure vital oxygen and supplies are made available to those who need them most. Our hearts are with everyone in India,” said Doug McMillon, President and CEO of Walmart Inc. 

Walmart and the Walmart Foundation have also committed to fund an additional 2,500 oxygen concentrators as part of the US-India Business Council and US-India Strategic Partnership Forum’s joint relief effort.

The Walmart Foundation will donate $2 million to support various NGOs in the country. Out of that $1 million will be allocated through donor advised fund Walmart Foundation Disaster Relief Fund and the other $1 million will be allocated to GIVE Foundation Inc in order to support GiveIndia's Covid response fund.

Flipkart allies with GiveIndia

Walmart, Flipkart and PhonePe are promoting Covid-19 vaccination by setting up on-site and free clinics for associates and their households, as well as Flipkart and PhonePe’s full-time contractors and delivery workers.

Flipkart will also join forces with GiveIndia to raise funds to provide critical medical supplies such as oxygen, PPE kits, hand sanitisers and other essentials at Covid-19 centres, charitable hospitals and for healthcare workers in Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru.

Kalyan Krishnamurthy, CEO of Flipkart, said: “As people and corporations come together to gather resources to fight the pandemic, we remain steadfast in our belief that we will get through this together.”

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