Visible's Google Pixel 6 deals will gift you $200 plus a free pair of Pixel Buds

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One of the best Google Pixel 6 deals (opens in new tab) on the market right now can be found over at Visible - a prepaid carrier that is offering new customers a free $200 gift card and a pair of Google Pixel Buds A-Series (opens in new tab) with every device purchase.

Considering these Buds are worth $99 by themselves you're looking at a maximum $300 off added value here - and that's on top of the already super-cheap unlimited prepaid plans that this carrier offers. 

You can, in fact, get an unlimited data plan for as little as $25 per month at Visible with the carrier's Party Pay (opens in new tab) feature so it's a fantastic 5G pairing for the Google Pixel if you're looking to save some cash in the long run. If you're interested in a bigger device, this Google Pixel 6 deal at Visible is also available on the Google 6 Pro (opens in new tab).

Note, you will need to be buying your device outright here and also port your number over from another carrier here to be eligible. While it may seem a bit pricey to buy your device at full price upfront, it's a good option considering you'd normally pair a prepaid plan like Visible's with an unlocked device anyway. Plus, Visible only locks devices to its network for 60 days after purchase, so you're not tied down for a period of two years, unlike with Verizon deals (opens in new tab) or other big carriers.

Google Pixel 6 deals at Visible

Google Pixel 6: $200 gift card plus free Google Pixel Buds A-Series with switch at Visible (opens in new tab)

Google Pixel 6: $200 gift card plus free Google Pixel Buds A-Series with switch at Visible (opens in new tab)
Switch over to Visible today and this excellent prepaid carrier will not only gift you a $200 online gift card to spend pretty much anywhere but a free pair of Google Pixel Buds Series A - worth $99 by themselves. Put together that's a lot of added value to go along with that super cheap unlimited 5G data plan you can get at this carrier. Note, this deal is also available on the Google Pixel 6 Pro (opens in new tab).

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