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Update: Here we are, Day Three of our first Movie Week. We've already published a bunch of excellent features all about movies and the tech that makes them happen (not to mention the tech within them).

What's on the docket for today? Drones, Kaiju and the man behind the sound, Ray Dolby. Check out the "Movie Week Day Three" section down below.

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Filmmaking is an art. Since the dawn of cinema over 120 years ago, creative people have been using the medium of film to tell stories to the masses.

But what is often overlooked is that the history of cinema has long been tied to technology.

From the cameras that are used to record the footage to the computers used for special effects to the platforms involved in distribution – from Blu-ray players to Netflix – technology has a hand in almost every aspect of filmmaking.

Welcome to Movie Week

So to satisfy our love of the cinematic artform and its the part of the Venn diagram that overlaps with technology, over the next week, we'll be focusing our tech-loving eyes over the medium of film.

We'll be sharing with you interesting stories on the history of cinema, interviews on how special effects were achieved and rounding up our definitive lists of amazing films you should watch again and again.

We'll also be updating this very post constantly, sharing all our Movie Week articles from here, so bookmark the page to ensure you don't miss anything.

Movie Week Day One

A brief history of film – From its origins in 19th century France to the first appearance of 3D and beyond, join us on a trip through cinema's creation story.

This sci-fi movie tech already exists – RoboCop's visor has entered the world through Google Glass. What else has film helped inspire science to make a reality?

The science behind green screen – Shia Labeouf put the green screen in the spotlight this year, but where did it come from, and how does it work? Read on to find out.

The Batmobile through the years – Let us take you through a trip down memory lane, highlighting every iteration of the Dark Knight's whip for better, worse and downright badass.

Everything you need to know about 4K – This is your #1 stop for all things Ultra HD, from the hardware that runs it to the software and content that supports it.

Remembering the father of the "Alien" – H.R. Giger, the artist who's work inspired the concept for Ridley Scott's big baddie in 1979's Alien, left us too soon. Here's a celebration of his best work.

How to watch movies on Mac (and iOS) – Just bought your first Mac or iPad and want to know the best way to watch films on it? You've come to the perfect place.

The best superhero movies ever – From Superman to The Avengers and everything in between, we recognize the greatest films to put our favorite comic books (or riffs on them) into motion.

How to set up your TV for a perfect picture – No more struggling through less than optimal settings for your home cinema experience. It's time to get the best possible performance from your TV.

Movie Week Day Two

Foley: the art of movie sound effects – A fascinating study of exactly how the sounds you experience in the cinema are made.

Where to watch 4K and Ultra HD content – if you want to get the most from your state of the art television, you're going to need some content.

Cinema to the IMAX – Those big screens are not only spectacular to watch, but also spectacular to film for. Or so we're told...

How to shoot a Hollywood movie on your smartphone – That camera in your pocket is so good now, it can shoot its own feature film.

Netflix vs Blu-ray: is there a future for optical discs? – We interview Marty Gordon, Vice President of Alliances & Communications at Philips about the future of physical discs.

12 Star Wars tech facts you almost certainly should know – This is the Jedi Academy of Star Wars tech information.

How to digitise your old movies – A step-by-step guide to transforming your VHS tapes to digital files.

James Cameron on 3D: the techradar interview – Remember when James Cameron thought 3D was the future of filmmaking?

Oculus and film: why virtual reality is the new silver screen – Is virtual reality the next frontier for film? Oculus certainly thinks so.

Movie Week Day Three

How to create the perfect home cinema setup – Here's how to choose the right TV, speakers and accessories for a cinema-quality setup in your own home.

Six ways Ray Dolby changed the way the world listened – Ray Dolby single-handedly shaped the entire audio industry with innovations like Dolby Stereo, Pro Logic and Dolby Digital.

12 times movies and TV got technology completely wrong – We call out the movie industry for its tech blunders. (Seriously, saying "enhance" aloud can't change the resolution of an image file.)

How to create a life-like tiger with technology – Life of Pi director Ang Lee taught us a lesson in humility and technology at the same time.

Saving film is about preserving movies, not fighting against digital – Just because the times are a'changing doesn't mean we need to discount the advantages of analog.

UltraViolet: what you need to know – We break down the ins and outs of the new digital locker system that wants to replace your aging DVD collection.

Meet the man who brought Pacific Rim's Kaiju and Jaegers to life – Part digital wizard, part optical illusionist, Hal Hickel made us believe that the world was coming to an end.

  • techradar's Movie Week is our celebration of the art of cinema, and the technology that makes it all possible.
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