Unhappy gamers petition Sony to change PS Plus May 2020 titles

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(Image credit: Change.org)

When Sony announced the free PlayStation Plus Games for May 2020, fans weren't exactly impressed and as the days rolled on, some of them have gone ahead and signed an online petition asking Sony to change the titles. 

PS Plus subscribers can pick up Cities Skylines and Farming Simulator 19 for free in May, but Sony's choice of free games appears to have left fans a bit dismayed. While the first of these is a building game that mimics the popular SimSity, the second involves farming, with users giving it mixed reviews. 

The petition on Change.org titled "Farming Sucks" says gamers were pumped up with the reports surrounding Dark Souls remastered and Dying Light and looked forward to the best PS Plus lineup. Now they are left dumbfounded and forlorn with what seems like a late April Fool's day joke in the form of some rip-offs of earlier titles. 

It exhorts gamers and enthusiasts to sign the petition for the sake of those facing the lockdown and adds that if Sony does make the changes, "then we will clap for you Jim Ryan @SonyPlaystation. Until then, we will remain saddened, left out and let down, in a lockdown quarantine nightmare simply growing corn!" At the time of publishing this story, there are more than 25,000 signatories to the petition. 

Cities Skylines PS4 Edition lets gamers develop a small community into a megacity through a combination of smart decisions that lead to in-game economic growth. While Farming Simulator 19 gives players a chance to immerse themselves in farm life, harvesting crops, raising livestock and more.

Just in case you've gone ahead and signed the petition, but not downloaded the existing two games, this is the best time to do so before they change over to the new ones on May 5. So if you haven't acted until now, this is the right time to get cracking. 

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