Thor: Love and Thunder trailer reportedly ready to storm online

The official logo for Marvel Studios movie Thor: Love and Thunder
The first trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder may storm its way online very soon. (Image credit: Marvel Studios)

Thor: Love and Thunder's first trailer is ready to storm its way online, according to one of the film's voice actors.

Gaurav Chopra, the Hindi voice actor for the Norse God in his last three Marvel movie appearances, took to his official Instagram account to reveal that the first teaser for Thor 4 is officially done. Posting via Instagram's Stories feature, Chopra revealed that he has now finished his dubbing work for the trailer – confirming that a teaser exists and is almost certain appear before our eyes very soon.

Check out Chopra's Instagram Story post below:

A screenshot of Gaurav Chopra's Instagram Story showing that the Thor 4 trailer is ready to be released

Gaurav Chopra, Thor's Hindi voice actor, confirmed that a Love and Thunder trailer is ready to go. (Image credit: Gaurav Chopra)

News that Thor: Love and Thunder's first teaser is on the way is sure to delight Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) fans. With Moon Knight launching on Disney Plus on March 30, Ms Marvel's trailer and release date being revealed in mid-March, and Doctor Strange 2's promotional campaign underway, many had been hoping that a Thor 4 trailer would have launched online by now.

Despite the film's release being less than three months away, though, no footage has yet been revealed for the Marvel Phase 4 project. Understandably, fans have grown increasingly frustrated with the supposed delay, even though the film was rumored to have undergone reshoots in recent weeks.

However, with Chopra confirming that he's conducted work on dubbing the trailer for Hindi-speaking audiences, it seems that the first Thor 4 trailer will be with us imminently. Here's hoping so, otherwise another fan-fuelled storm could be heading Marvel Studios' way.

Thor: Love and Thunder will be released in theaters worldwide on Friday, July 8.

Analysis: when will Thor: Love and Thunder's trailer land online?

A Thor: Ragnarok promotional image showing the God of Thunder looking down at his helmet in a coliseum

(Image credit: Marvel Studios/Disney)

Unsurprisingly, fans have been whipped into a frenzy by Chopra's Instagram post, with many taking to a couple of MCU-focused sub-Reddits to express excitement at its impending arrival. If various language dub voice actors have received the trailer to conduct work on it, surely the teaser can't be far off being released?

You would think so. As we mentioned earlier, Marvel Studios has completed press and marketing campaigns for Moon Knight, while Ms Marvel's launch date and trailer have been released. And, while Doctor Strange 2 is the next MCU production on the docket, the forthcoming superhero film is in the final phase of its promotional campaign – i.e. gearing up for press screenings and junkets.

Clearly, then, there's room for Marvel to begin marketing Thor 4. Action figures and promotional art have already made their way online, while apparent internal screenings have also taken place (thanks to Reddit for finding these), so it's high time that a trailer did, too.

Our guess? We suspect that a teaser will be released sometime this week, i.e. April 11 to April 15. With the Easter holidays right around the corner, it would make for an egg-cellent surprise (and we're not sorry for the pun). After all, fans seemed certain that a cryptic Instagram post from star Chris Hemsworth suggested a trailer would finally be with us on April 11. At the time of writing, though, there's nothing to report on that front.

Whether it's this week or the next (April 17 to April 22), we're crossing our fingers and toes that a Thor: Love and Thunder teaser bolts online very soon. We won't beg you, Marvel, but it would be cool to see some footage all the same.

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