This elegant PS5 redesign looks great when placed horizontally

PS5 internal storage concern
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Love it or loathe it, the PS5 is a polarizing machine when it comes to its design. It’s the biggest console Sony has ever made, and the two-tone white and black color came as a shock to many. It also looks rather awkward when placed horizontally, too. 

It’s inevitable that we’ll get a PS5 redesign in the future, of course, probably in the form of a PS5 slim. But for now it’s fun to see how some talented individuals are able to makeover Sony’s machine using their own ingenuity, different materials and some out of the box thinking.

YouTuber DIY Perks, who previously built a beautiful brass PS5, has shown how the PlayStation 5 could have looked if Sony had taken a wildly different approach. We also get to see a fascinating look at the PS5’s internals, how DIY Perks deal with the challenge of airflow and their solution to making the PS5 look good when placed in a horizontal orientation.

In the video below, the PS5 Digital Edition is transformed into something that looks more like an expensive piece of audio equipment than a console, but it apparently functions just as you’d expect.

While DIY Perks design won’t be for everyone, what will likely appeal to the masses is the prospect of a black PS5. Even though Sony is releasing a Midnight Black PS5 DualSense controller, it still hasn’t revealed a black PS5 console.

Back in black

PS5 Darkplates

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However, you don’t have to wait. Custom skin manufacturer dbrand recently started selling Dark Plates, which let you replace the PS5’s white faceplates with fetching matte black ones. We’ve tried them ourselves and think dbrand’s Dark Plates look fantastic, but there’s a waiting list for the next shipment so you’ll have to be patient.

Unfortunately, despite being on sale for over six months, PS5 stock is still difficult to find. We’ve seen more PS5 restocks happen in the US, but the UK hasn’t been as consistent when it comes to dropping new PS5 stock for consumers to buy. Still, stock levels should improve as the year rolls on, but Sony has warned shortages could continue for the foreseeable.

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