Can't find PS5 and Xbox Series X in stock? Try Target – here's what time to check

PS5 restock
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While we don't have official confirmation on when PS5 will be in stock at Target, we do know this:

  • Local Target stores have been shipping PS5 and Xbox Series X inventory from distribution centers to local stores, according to our sources across the US.
  • Target typically opens up online orders on a Wednesday or Thursday – it didn't happen on either days last week and it didn't happen yesterday (Amazon and GameStop had a restock instead), so we are looking to Thursday morning.
  • No one knows the exact date anymore – Target changes the way it handles internal communications and this has prevented leaks.
  • The most popular PS5 restock time is 7:40am EDT (it has happened at 7:15am EDT once in 2021 but outside of that it's been pretty consistent).
  • The Xbox Series X restock happens dynamically at a local store level. This means that while you still need to order it online, there's no specific Xbox drop date and time. Local Target stores fill inventory as soon as it comes in (again, you need to secure the console purchase online before heading to the store).
  • Caution: Don't buy from Twitter users – which are all scams. Only buy from the US stores Matt points you to. No one is looking to eagerly sell a console for just $550.

We know the PS5 has been shipping from Target distribution centers to individual Target stores over the last week-an-a-half and local Target stores don't hang onto inventory for very long.

So we've been tracking this Target PS5 restock for almost two weeks at the key Target retail stores across the US (the last Target restock was April 28). That's the good news. The bad news is that we don't know the exact Target PS5 restock date.

The restock time is a bit easier to figure out. Target has picked the morning – and specifically 7:40am EDT – consistently. There was one time it was 7:15am EDT, but that was once and we've seen it at the time 7:40am EDT since then.

Target PS5 restock time today

If today, the Target PS5 restock time is likely 7:40am EDT / 6:40am CDT / 5:40am MDT / 4:40am PDT. Since the local Target stores we've checked in with have enough stock for at least a small drop, we're assuming it will be this week and as soon as today, May 27, though we can't confirm the exact date.

Despite the habitual Target PS5 restock time, we suggest paying attention about 40 minutes in advance. There was one time in 2021 in which Target did a PS5 restock at around 7:15am EDT. So it's better to be early than miss the restock entirely, especially considering the last date of a Target console restock was April 28. 

Target won't be the first American retailer with the PS5 in stock this week even if it happens today. We saw Best Buy, Amazon and GameStop have a PS5 restock on Monday, while Best Buy and GameStop also had the Xbox Series X in stock. 

However, Target does have easier-to-cart next-gen consoles and same-day pickup options, which make for exciting reactions on Twitter.

How to buy PS5 from Target – if it's today

What makes Target one of the best stores to buy the PS5 in the US? It's easy to get the console into your cart and, with the right strategy, easy to pay for it at checkout. It also offers that sweet same-day pickup option at its local stores after you secure an online order (please don't go to any Target store expecting to be able to buy PS5 today).

The easiest way to pay for a PS5 is through Target's PayPal button (or Apple Pay if going through the iPhone app). PayPal takes you off of Target's servers, which are hammered with traffic, and you get ushered out to PayPal's transaction page to finish the payment. It's the No. 1 shortcut you need to know about in this video from YouTuber Jake Randall.

Dry week for PS5 restocks dates?

Beyond Target, we don't have much information about PS5 restock news in the US since Best Buy, Amazon and GameStop have already had its restocks on Monday and Wednesday. While Walmart had PS5 in stock on Thursday of last week and despite being the biggest American retailer, it has been opening up orders every other week. So while we're tracking Walmart PS5 inventory, we're not completely able to confirm for an imminent restock at the US retailer.

A hopeful sign is that retailer Antonline promises at least one next-gen console restock every week, and while that could mean Xbox, it had an Xbox Series X restock last week and two PS5 Digital restocks before that. So there's a natural assumption that the PS5 Disc console will be available to purchase next. That's the best news in case you miss out on the Target PS5 restock this week.

What about a Sony Direct PS5 restock?

Sony's upcoming State of Play event later today could tie in a PS5 restock, as we haven't seen the company offer the console since last week. But we have our doubts for one reason: those lucky PS5 buyers who made it through last week's virtual queue have reported to us that their console shipment has been delayed.

In the past, whenever we see shipments delayed from Sony PlayStation Direct (which normally ships consoles very quickly, especially if you have a paid PlayStation Plus account), it usually means it's not going to have a restock for a few days or weeks. Still, our PS5 Twitter tracker is monitoring all US stores just in case the Sony pops up unexpectedly.

Matt Swider